Obituary – Ryan Poole


Adam Thal, executive producer of Star Productions, writes:

For those of you that are not aware, my dearest friend, colleague and business partner, Ryan Poole, passed away tragically in a car accident on Sunday morning. It’s still unbelievable that this incredible guy has been taken away from us, he still had so much to show the world!

Ryan’s passion, energy and excitement for everything he did, made him an extra special person, a true mensch, and for that we can all be proud to have known him! He will be sorely missed by myself and everyone he worked with and because of this, it is now my mission to take Star Production to the next level in memory of him!

Through Star Productions, we will achieve all the goals that Ryan and I set out to achieve, and more!! This one is for you Poolestein!!

Please note that a memorial service will be held on Friday 30 November at 14h30 at The Hall of Pretoria Boys High School.

Please also note that the Christmas party planned for 11 December will still continue as Ryan would have killed me for cancelling a party like that! So we will party the night away in honour of Ryan!

Poolestein, May Your Soul Rest in Peace!

Adam Thal can be contacted on Cell: +27(0)82 927 8930 Office: +27(0)11 788 6473 or email:


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