Heartwarming Christmas Fare


This Christmas on SABC 1, SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) nominated Television Director/ Producer Thokozani Nkosi and SAFTA winner for “Sho’t Left’, first time drama producer Tracey-Lee Dearham present “Second Chance’ with Christopher “Gunman’ Kubheka as Max, a has-been Gospel star.

As a misguided youth, Max enters the Gospel music industry with a 1994 hit album “Thetha nam’, purely to make money for there is nothing “Gospel’ about his lifestyle. Soon his fans catch on to his wayward ways and his star begins to dim. By year 2000 Max is a distant memory in the Gospel music arena. Out of frustration he drowns himself in booze and becomes a hopeless out-of-pocket alcoholic who makes ends meet by playing the guitar for donations at parking lots in and around Jozi’s Northern suburbs.

The problem, though, is not only that he drinks excessively, it is also that each time he gets drunk he gets aggressive and usually ends up being nabbed by the cops for one or other drunken misdemeanor. Having gotten on the wrong side of the law far too many times, Max is eventually sentenced to two weeks of community service.

He is to spend the next two weeks, preceding Christmas day, coaching a church choir in a nearby township. His challenge is that the goal of the choir is to win the annual Gospel Gold Christmas carol competition and he’s the man they are looking up to, to help them qualify and hopefully win.

As the story unfolds, this punishment turns out to be a blessing in disguise, as the journey he takes with the choir re-awakens his hopes and introduces him to the true meaning of “Gospel’. This becomes his “Second Chance‘ to put his life back together.

Also starring Lebo “Elle’ Tisane (Muvhango), Sello Motloung (Jozi H) , Nnekwa Tsajwa (Jam Alley), Tshepo Maseko (Isidingo) and special appearances by Rebecca Malope, Vuyo Mokoena and Fezile Mahknya (SABC 1 brand ambassador).


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