SA shows awarded at US Fest


The US International Film and Video Festival has bestowed the South African educational programmes “It’s for Life’ and “Tsha Tsha’ with five awards this year. Founded in 1967, the Festival is one of the world’s leading international events devoted exclusively to the recognition of outstanding business, television, documentary, educational, entertainment, industrial and informational productions.

“This year the competition had over 1,200 entries from 24 countries. We thank our producers and dedicated teams working behind the scenes of “It’s for Life’ and “Tsha Tsha’. Together, we continue to educate viewers about their world,’ said Pontsho Makhetha Acting General Manager at SABC Education.

“Tsha Tsha’ Episode 55 has been awarded in three categories: 1st place Gold Camera award in the general education category, 2nd place Silver Screen award in the community development category and 3rd place Certificate of Excellence in the social issues category. The series deals with serious issues faced by young people living in a world affected by HIV and Aids. Although high drama, the series is charming and funny as it explores the lives of young people making their way through the passage to adulthood and developing self-worth.

“Tsha Tsha’ is produced for SABC Education by Curious Pictures and Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation. Support is provided by Johns Hopkins Health & Education in South Africa, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Centre for Communications and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief through the United States Agency for International Development.

“It’s for Life’ has been awarded two 3rd place Certificates of Excellence for Episodes 6 and 9 in the best educational reality programme category. It is produced by LCAT for SABC Education and brings three participants from diverse underprivileged backgrounds together, all they have in common is that they have not realised their full potential. The series challenges the young adults to define their essence and identity within the diverse, opportunity-filled land of South Africa.

The official gala ceremony announcing the 40th U.S. International Film and Video Festival awards will be held on June 1 and 2 in Hollywood, California.


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