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Global Access Information TV is the ideal medium for an organization or an individual to broadcast specific content to a niche audience via the DSTV commercial bouquet. You will have the ability to book a transmission on an occasional basis to broadcast your message to the audience of your choice.

Full studio and production services are also available should you require.

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FNB – Training staff get the picture!

First National Bank have been a long standing client of Global Access and since 1999 have regularly broadcast live interactive communication material effectively turning their branches in classrooms!

Recently FNB broadcast a series of weekly training programmes run by UNISA to up-skill some 1900 FNB staff members on the FAIS (Financial Advisory Intermediary Services Training) on Global Access’s DSTV commercial channel primarily to their retail banking operation. Other broadcasts are used for customer service and staff internal communications and also for regulatory compliance aspects.

Ezra Noveve, Global Access’s Production Manager and Producer of FNB programmes spoke about his experience with the brand.

“FNB had been using Global Access for a while – there was an existing relationship – so when Zola Mkumla their Marketing person made contact with me I was delighted at the possibility of further business.

Mkumla introduced me to Thabisa Ngoza and Nassau Kritzinger both consultants to FNB learning and training who explained the requirement’.

Kritzinger adds “We work on the FAIS with the front line staff at the bank. The act requires that anyone providing advice to a customer needs to have a certain number of credits of the NQF (National Qualification Framework, and this is the content of the programme.

In the past we have run the programme through UNISA but we soon came to realize that we needed a more immediate method of reaching our staff, and to be able to interact as well in order to respond to queries and requests for further information. So in November last year when the results came out we strategised, and determined that must improve the situation. It became apparent that since all the tuition was via correspondence, and there was no “classroom’ there was a need for this, and that’s what we set out to do – create a “classroom’.

Noveve picks up the story: “FNB knew what they wanted – basically they give us the content and we provide the service. There is no specific format, however we chose to go with a UNISA lecturer as the presenter who deals with assignments submitted. We cover learning content – what is required to be learnt and also the format and layout of the examinations. We also use power point presentations which are converted into TARGA which is a professional format suitable for Television transmission. The transmissions are of course live as there is a very interactive element with Q and A sessions both via Telephone and Fax.

The content is received by some 1900 FNB employees who watch the programme in the branches on a TV with a DSTV Global Access enabled decoder on Channel 1. It goes out on Saturdays from 2-5pm. We also do DVD copies on an order basis for those who have missed the show’.

Kritzinger continues: “I believe it is a success. We get good feedback from the students, and we get calls saying it has been beneficial. I am convinced that it is increasing the pass rate.

We are intent on doing the IOB (Institute of Bankers) certificate in Banking as well – this is a similar format using lecturers as well. The Exam for this is in October so we could start doing these transmissions in August. This new programme will cater for smaller groups of around 250.

I am extremely satisfied with the Global Access Service – our students are benefiting – it’s a big value add for our students – they definitely learn more and they apply these new found skills in the business – it increases the knowledge base of the bank’.

Global Access goes mobile.

The Global Access (GA) facilities, technology and infrastructure have recently added a new dimension to their offerings. In addition to their niche broadcasts on the DSTV bouquet, GA and CAR magazine recently launched a service whereby CAR magazine readers are able to download various videos, ring tones (tru-tone) and wall papers of the latest road tests conducted on cars and other exotic vehicles.

Its works like this: A reader of CAR magazine can download videos, decorative wallpapers or exhaust ring tones of their favorite car to their mobile phone. There are more than 35 options available at this stage. All the reader has to do is SMS a “keyword’ to a 5 digit number, and he will receive a sms with a hyperlink The reader then clicks on the link in the message and the selected item will be downloaded onto the mobile phone.

The response to this offering has been very positive and confirms that the South African public holds cars close to their hearts. The favorite downloads thus far are the Audi S8 video and the Ferrari F1 V10 ring-tone

MD Global Access: Rick Grantham says: “this product offering is just another way we at Global Access are using technology to broaden the product offering to our clients. While Global Access has traditionally focused on TV broadcasting, we have recently applied our technical infrastructure and experience to create a wider range of solutions for our customers.’


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