Apple to offer movie downloads


Apple has announced that it would start to offer movie downloads as part of the enhancements to its iTunes. It will also include seven sports new features such as the new album and Cover Flow views of music, TV shows and movies. Viewers will be able to find titles in their library quickly as well as browse through titles they already own.
The iTunes Store is offering over 75 movies from Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Touchstone Pictures and Miramax Films, that customers can purchase and download to watch on their computers and iPods, and soon on their flat screen televisions with Apple’s upcoming iTV player a€” currently dubbed a€˜iTV’.
Movies will become available on the iTunes Store the same day they are released on DVD.

“Here we go again! First music, then TV shows, and now movies,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “In less than one year we’ve grown from offering just five TV shows to offering over 220 TV shows, and we hope to do the same with movies. iTunes is selling over one million videos a week, and we hope to match this with movies in less than a year.”


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