Zambia’s first ever film fest


The first ever International Film Festival of Zambia (IFFoZ) will take place from 28 October to 11 November 2006. It will feature the

following programme items: film/video productions within the framework of the last 10 years and films that celebrate our day-to-day experience, the past and culture.

1. General Film and Video programme

Feature films and documentaries of any length which satisfy the following conditions are eligible for the general programme:

· Films and videos shot on any format (16mm, 35 mm, Beta cam and DVD).

· Videos should be submitted for final screening at the festival on 35mm and DVD.

· Films and Videos should be submitted complete with English commentary and/or English dialogue or in the original version with English subtitles.

2. Application for the festival

· There is no charge for submitting films or videos. The Festival organisation must have received the completed and signed entry form together with a VHS cassette (PAL or NTSC) or DVD before 30 September 2006.

· Selected films and videos can only be screened at the festival if they have English commentary and/or English dialogue or in the original version with English subtitles

The Following information needs to be provided

· The synopsis of the story in English.

· At least more than three different stills.

· A list of credits.

· A short biography of the director.

· A filmography of the director.

· A filmography of the producer.

· A press kit.

3. Postal/Shipping expenses of entry forms, publicity material and preview cassettes:

· All such expenses to and from the festival for the video cassettes are to be paid by the entrants as well as other expenses incurred, such as insurance etc.

Return of preview videocassette tapes:

· Preview cassette tapes will not be returned to the entrants.

· Those who request return of the video cassettes will be asked to make agreements with the festival organisers on how to cover for postal expenses.

· IFFoZ will retain cassettes for non- circulating reference in its archive.

4. Authorisation

After official selection for screening at the festival, IFFoZ has the right to:

· Use three minutes of the film or video for publicity broadcasting purposes on national, international or their website.

· Use the publicity material such as press pack, photos, posters, etc to promote the festival.

Dispatch of the prints and the videos to be screened at the festival:

The deadline for arrival of the videos in the Lusaka, Zambia is 30 September 2006.

Entries should be sent to:


P.O.BOX 50735



PLOT No 6248, BLOCK D ROOM 8/9




Please also send a dispatch note to the festival by airmail, fax or e-mail, indicating the date of shipment. It must accompany the DVD or video stating the name of the sender, title of the film, duration, whether it’s in color or black & white and any information that is important.

· We take responsibility for transportation door to door of screening copies.

· If the screening product comes from another festival, the other festival is responsible for shipping and postal expenses until arrival at the IFFoZ.

5. Insurance:

In case of damaging of film product during IFFoZ, will only take responsibility only after approved technical report on the damages and received invoice.


Entry and participation of DVDs and films means acceptance of the above regulations. The festival management will make a final decision on entries. Being the first festival, IFFoZ is not giving any awards, but entering your film for screening at the first Zambian Film Festival means a lot to the history of the Zambian film Industry

All correspondence and entries should be addressed to:


P.O.BOX 50735



PLOT No 6248





Tel: +260 1 257312


Entry forms can be accessed from


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