Final deadline for SAFTA entries


Reminder: The date for the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) has been postponed to 30 September 2006.
On reviewing the entries submitted, the SAFTA committee determined that additional categories needed to be included, and in some cases restructured to ensure broad representation of the work that is being produced in South Africa.

This coupled with an overwhelming request from industry to extend the submission deadline further supported the decision to postpone the awards event.

The SAFTA committee noted that the current category criteria and fee structure in the call for entries minimised entries in certain vital craft disciplines. The committee highlighted that in the past two years the level of local content produced has increased dramatically and every attempt should be made to ensure that the inaugural year of the SAFTA awards allow for a truly representative and inclusive award event.

SAFTA is committed to showcase and celebrate all those who make a vital contribution in bringing excellence to the South African Film and Television industry. From niche craft disciplines such as animation, art direction and cinematography through to highly visible crafts such as best actor, best actress, best director etc.

Consultation was held between the SAFTA Committee and members of the industry most affected by the proposed restructure. SAFTA presented the proposed revisions to the call for entries, the revised fee structure and invited input.

Members of the industry confirmed the call for entries for the awards came at a time that was most difficult for industry (November 2005), due to the heavy schedule of industry deadlines and events that take place at that time of the year, and the end of the year for most companies.

The Committee of SAFTA has thus taken a decision to re-open the entries with immediate effect, the new closing date for entries will be 27 May 2006.

SAFTA has taken on board recommendations from industry and is pleased to announce that the revised call for entries is much more inclusive whilst simplifying the criteria for entry.

All original entrants will remain eligible and do not need to rea€”enter. The SAFTA committee however urges all produces to read the new category descriptions and requirements. These have been fleshed out to make it much more use friendly.

The entries are to reach the offices of the National Film and Video Foundation at this address:

87 Central Street

For further information, please contact:

Minki Thulo
T: +27 11 483 0880


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