The Vibe’z on SABC3 this Monday!


When the director shouts, “Lights, camera, action, you know that Vibe’z on
your TV screen and it’s time to let the star shine in YOU.”

Every week, as of this coming Monday, the 10th of April 2006, Phindi Mdluli
and her television crew are taking a SABC3 teen viewer out to ‘bask in the
limelight’ for one special day with the big names of show busin

ess right
here in South Africa.

Sassy, 15-year-old, Phindi Mdludi is the entertainment industry’s teen
social butterfly. She is the viewer’s connection to the fabulous life of the
celebrities. The Vibe’z host mingles with the rich and famous, the
glamorous and the oh-so-gorgeous stars of show business in South Africa and
even the superstars from abroad. So, when you see Phindi and her camera crew
arriving at your front door, ‘you know it’s time to let the star in you

You can become a V.I.P. on Vibe’z – but only if you are aged 10 -18. Pay a
visit to, click on the Vibe’z link, fill in the online form,
and wah-la! You might be surprised by Phindi and her team one of these days

If you are one of the lucky teen viewers to be selected as a V.I.P., you
will be treated like a celebrity and experience the glitz and glamour of
show business for an entire day. You will be taken out for a meal, travel in
style with television cameras following you everywhere you go. You will meet
the crew and stars of some of the hottest shows, and will be showered with
fabulous gifts. You will also receive a Vibe’z ‘been there, done that V.I.P.
T-shirt as proof of your awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience. Go and make
your dreams come true go online and register today.

Don’t miss this exciting new television show, starting on Monday, 10 April
2006 at 3pm on SABC3.


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