M-Net looks for drama


M-Net Original Productions is looking to develop a 26 x 48-min drama series that will specifically target its growing pay-TV audience in South Africa.

The channel seeks to engage the services of an experienced and/or new producer, director, writer(s) and production companies to develop a contemporary, fresh, dynamic and credible South African drama series. This has been necessitated by an evolving market environment and a gap that has been identified within the emerging market in the LSM 8-10 income bracket. Commissioning Editor Bongiwe Selane explains exactly what M-Net Original Productions is looking for: “We want a local drama that will appeal mostly to our developing audience. However, the tone of the drama needs to be inclusive of our other audiences in S.A and across Africa. Most importantly, this series must aim to grow and appeal to M-Net’s developing audience.”

Selane says that the drama series should speak to the 21st century African audience. “We are looking for a contemporary South African drama, a family orientated drama which will be relevant to the African viewer and also have a fresh point of view,” she says.

The backdrop from which the story is told should be relevant, interesting and reflect the present South African realities. The proposal should be original. The stories need to somehow touch the lives of this audience and reflect back to them the world they inhibit. Some examples of storylines one could draw from are: politics, business, entrepreneurship, etc.

Proposals must contain the following information:

  1. A Synopsis
  2. A Detailed treatment and approach
  3. Character Bible
  4. 1st episode script – alternatively sample script (if possible)
  5. A preliminary production budget.

The proposed series should appeal to all adults, targeting the LSM 8 -10 bracket, and feature English and an indigenous Language.

Included in the proposal should be:

Detailed CV’s of key creative personnel that could be allocated to the project. Director, Producer, Script Writer(s) etc.

  • Location of registered Production Office
  • Facilities to be used – origination, post-production and laboratory.
  • Estimated Production Schedule
  • Company registration, VAT registration, Income Tax numbers/references
  • Names of directors or members or partners of Company, CC or Partnership
  • Programmes produced in the last 5 years
  • Empowerment and/or BEE policy
  • References (provide at least 2)
  • The closing date for proposals is 14 April 2006, with a final decision to be made on 31 May 2006.

Proposals can be sent to:

The Commissioning Editor
M-Net Local Productions
Magic Centre Reception
Oak Ave. Randburg 2194
P.O. Box 2973
Pinegowrie 2123

TEL: +27 11 686 7413

FAX: +27 11 686 6660

For more information email: bselane@mnet.co.za.


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