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Movievision hosts esteemed international guests at Mediatech 2019

Movievision is hosting special international guests Nicolò Oliva, Ron Knell and Till Sadlowski – who will be representing their respective brands at Mediatech Africa 2019.


Nicolò Oliva, partner and managing director of Spotlight, joined the Company in the late-80s right after his graduation in Robotics Engineering in Milan, Italy. At that time, Spotlight, founded in 1969, was about to face the upcoming booming decades of the entertainment industry, where “made in Italy” lighting was to take a primary role in the worldwide market.

Spotlight has traditionally focused on R&D and the manufacture of pro fixtures for the opera house, theatre and general stage lighting markets. Since then, a constantly-growing network of distributors has been built nearly all over the world, with Spotlight now represented in over one hundred countries with exclusive distributors and authorised after-sales centres.

In South Africa, Spotlight is proud to have Movievision as a long-term exclusive distributor, not to mention their qualified team of top consultants for project design.


Ron Knell joined Rosco in March 2003 as UK sales manager, before handling the development of Rosco for South Africa in 2004. Since then, he has added extra territories such as Eastern Europe and the Balkans to his portfolio.

“During my time and many visits to South Africa, I have visited various establishments in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town,” says Knell. “In 2012, Movievision was appointed our dealer distributor for textiles, and we then followed with our range of LED lighting fixtures. Starting with Silk, and then introducing DMG Lumiere by Rosco, with the Switch Bi-Colour fixture. They now represent our new six-chip, full-colour MIX range. I’m very proud of our achievements in South Africa, developing a market from scratch to what it is today. I look forward to our continued success here.”

Carpet light

Carpetlight GmbH was founded in 2014 by Goetz Schmidt zur Nedden and Till Sadlowski to realise their idea of the “shining cloth/lighting textile” as a universal tool for new ways of finding lighting solutions. Till will be representing Carpetlight at Mediatech Africa 2019.

Based on their long-term experiences in motion picture and TV lighting, they combined their practical knowledge with new fields of technology, such as smart textiles, LEDs and industrial design, to develop a patent-pending product with ground-breaking characteristics.

With great support from Europe’s leading textile research institutes and innovative manufacturers, multiple materials and technologies were evaluated in the developing process. The results led to prototypes successfully being tested under both lab and real-life conditions.

It is their aim to combine science and craftsmanship on a high-quality level to give customers the most advanced lighting and design possibilities. Come and see this innovative technology for yourself at Mediatech Africa 2019.

Visit Movievision at Mediatech Africa 2019, taking place from 17-19 July at the Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg.

Introducing the DMG Lumière MAXI MIX LED fixture

DMG Lumiere and Rosco unveiled the next evolution of their MIX range at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas. The Maxi Mix caused quite a stir at the trade show and was awarded with a Product of the Year award on its debut.

The newest light from the company, featuring their award-winning MIX LED technology, features the same proprietary combination of red, green, lime, amber, white and blue emitters as the MINI MIX and SL1 MIX. The MAXI MIX will produce the True Rosco Colour tones that filmmakers have come to appreciate.

The MAXI MIX also utilises the same easy-to-use interface that enables cinematographers, gaffers and studio lighting professionals to easily modify the intensity, hue and saturation of their light, select their colour temperature and green/magenta shift, or choose their favourite Rosco gel colour – either using the fixture’s on-board controls or via the myMIX app.

The 47” x 14” x 3.3” (1200mm x 360mm x 85mm) fixture weighs 8kg and uses 360W of power. It can also be tiled together with other MAXI MIX fixtures to create ‘walls’ of light of different sizes.

Movievision is the official distributor for DMG and Rosco in South Africa.

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