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Jasco is a South Africa, JSE-listed company that delivers Smart Technologies across multiple disciplines such as telecommunications, Information Technology, Energy and Industry. By leveraging synergies between these disciplines, Jasco is able to deliver complete end-to-end solutions.

Jasco helps e.tv implement digital archive

When e.tv launched its multi-channel offering in October 2013 through Openview HD
satellite and began to diversify its content on digital platforms, the need for digital
archiving and long-term content storage became imperative. The channel turned to
Jasco Broadcast Solutions and the Oracle DIVA Content Management System (CMS)
to provide the solution.

With volumes of digital content continuing to grow, e.tv required a stable digital
archiving system that would allow for efficient archival and retrieval of footage.
This would allow the channel to more effectively repurpose and repackage existing
content, both for internal use and commercial exploitation. The solution also needed
to incorporate archival and storage of all legacy content, raw footage, clips, stills,
and supporting documents – both electronic and paper-based. One of the most
pressing requirements was the ability to index all footage comprehensively and
accurately, to ensure the ability to locate and retrieve specific clips on demand.

“Previously, we had relied on a manual process of browsing and retrieving footage
by viewing tapes and finding appropriate clips. This was both time consuming and
labour-intensive, and was becoming increasingly inefficient, especially given the
increasing volumes of content we were beginning to produce. The move from
analogue to digital archive workflows and storage on open standards (LTO) data
tape was therefore a logical step. Our goal was to improve efficiencies in organising
and storing content to enable monetising of completed programming and raw
footage for clip sales,’ explains Nohra Moerat, general manager, Group Libraries
and Archives at e.tv.

The Oracle DIVA CMS (previously Front Porch Digital DIVArchive) was identified as
the solution to address these requirements. Further requirements included the
ability to integrate with iAcquire and iFind from IBIS, the Media Asset Management
solution identified by e.tv for the implementation of the digital archive project. The
end goal was to implement a fully integrated digital archive and storage solution
customised for e.tv’s requirements. As the local agents for the Oracle CMS range,
Jasco Broadcast Solutions was chosen to deliver the solution. Jasco provided an
end-to-end system, including installation, support, integration and maintenance, as
well as on-site training.

“Project implementation began in 2014 and went live in May 2015. The
implementation of the Oracle DIVA CMS solution was overseen by our technicians
and managed by e.tv’s IT support team, who also received training from Jasco to
enable them to administer and maintain the system as well as support the end
users,’ says Rupert Dalton, sales executive, Jasco Broadcast Solutions.

The new centralised digital archiving solution is expected to deliver numerous
benefits to e.tv to assist them with improved efficiency and accessibility of their
digital archives, a factor which is of particular importance in a growing, multi-channel television environment.

Jasco announces new features to DataVoice Libra Recorder

Jasco’s latest update to the DataVoice Libra Recorder, Libra V9.0., offers a number of new features and functionality enhancements to the enterprise-class voice recording, storage and retrieval solution. One of these is the Genesys eServices Recording module which allows for the recording of all non-voice interaction channels within a Genesys contact centre environment such as email, web chat and social media interactions. Jasco provides smart technologies solutions across multiple disciplines including telecommunications and information technology.

“The new module is tightly integrated with both the Genesys contact centre platform and the Libra recorder. It was developed in response to market demand and prevailing trends, dramatically extending the DataVoice offering for Genesys contact centres and addressing the growing requirements of the multi-channel contact centre,’ says De Villiers de Wet, manager of Product Development at Jasco.

The solution presents voice and eServices recordings seamlessly within the familiar WebRecall interface. This ensures that the new functionality can be leveraged without the requirement for additional user training. In addition, quality management of customer interactions can be easily extended to incorporate a variety of non-voice channels. This is increasingly important given the growing number of interactions that take place outside of the traditional voice channel within the contact centre.

Quality management of eServices interactions is the main driver behind this offering, as developing effective and intuitive customer service is a critical competitive differentiator in contact centres. The DataVoice Quality Management module links seamlessly with the eServices recording module and now allows quality assessors the choice of randomly selecting voice and non-voice interactions for agent assessment purposes.

“The eServices Recording solution starts to record screen activity automatically the moment a specified interaction is presented to the agent, whether or not they accept the interaction. Screen recordings of eServices interactions can therefore be used for a number of purposes in the contact centre besides quality management, further extending the value of this solution. For example, agents ignoring eServices channels can be identified easily and any abuse and misconduct can be identified. Non-compliance with processes can be addressed and the efficiency of workflows around non-voice interactions can be assessed. These screen recordings can also be used for training purposes to show agents what to do
and what not to do in various scenarios,’ says De Wet.

In addition, selected elements from the Genesys User Data fields can be captured to enrich the recording metadata. This includes email addresses and subjects, interaction IDs, customer reference numbers, names and more. This helps to tie various related interactions together for improved case management and enables use of the built-in Quick Filter mechanism on any of these fields to easily find related interactions. This solution also supports recording in multi-tenant and hosted Genesys environments.

“Contact centres constantly need to focus on improving customer service, and the more information they have available the more they are empowered to do this. By incorporating non-voice interaction recordings with voice recordings and enabling them to be linked and searchable by metadata, contact centres can improve the quality of agent interaction as well as the service they offer customers, while leveraging next-generation interaction channels,’ De Wet concludes.

Libra V9.0 and the new Genesys eServices Recording module is available immediately from Jasco Enterprise and its other sales channels.

Jasco announces the expansion of Avid’s shared storage system

The Jasco Group has recently announced Avid’s ISIS | 1000 shared storage system to the local market, providing independent video and audio professionals and facilities the same level of real-time collaboration proven for over a decade on the most demanding productions in the industry. Powered by the Avid MediaCentralTM Platform, ISIS | 1000 integrates seamlessly with Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, and third-party tools including Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple’s Final Cut Pro (FCP), so creative professionals can take on even the most complex projects.

Paul Divall, managing director for Broadcast Solutions at the Jasco Group says, “With the ISIS | 1000 shared storage system, customers are able to get the proven performance, reliability and scalability of ISIS in a more affordable, easy-to-use system that’s designed to speed up editorial efficiency, while protecting their assets. Unlike inexpensive storage drives that can only be used with one workstation at a time, ISIS | 1000 puts the “flow’ back into workflow, enabling up to 24 contributors to access and share the same assets simultaneously, greatly accelerating production.’

ISIS | 1000 offers real-time editorial collaboration with performance that accelerates media workflows for independent professionals, smaller audio and video production facilities, houses of worship, government, corporations and educational media organisations. The advanced Avid ISIS file management system enables professionals to work the way they want, with both Avid and third-party systems, and attain the trusted data protection, flexibility, and scalability that Avid delivers.

Key features and benefits include:

Greater integration:
• Integration with third-party systems — As a component of the Avid MediaCentral Platform, ISIS | 1000 is designed to be used with both Avid and third-party tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC. ISIS | 1000 also integrates with third-party asset management software and works with inexpensive network switches.
• Enhanced integration with Avid solutions — When used with Avid solutions like Media Composer and Pro Tools, ISIS | 1000 delivers time-saving workflows, enhanced performance, and greater efficiency.

Unrivalled operation:
• Industry-proven reliability — Unlike competitive solutions, ISIS | 1000 uses advanced, self-balancing intelligent storage, backed by comprehensive reliability and workflow testing.
• Unparalleled performance — Through patented technology, ISIS | 1000 ensures client media due times, delivering incomparable, predictable performance and more media streams per ISIS Storage Engine in even the most editing-intensive environments.
• Easy setup and management — Offers streamlined usability, making it possible for non-technical professionals to set up, use, and manage the system.
• Support for HD and high-res files — With support for real-time SD, HD, 2K, and 4K media performance, ISIS | 1000 is the ideal core for modern yet budget-minded media production workflows.

Exceptional collaboration and protection:
• Real-time collaboration — ISIS | 1000 puts an end to the storage sharing and media copying shuffle of using individual USB, FireWire, eSATA, and Thunderbolt drives, allowing up to 24 editors, assistants, loggers, and other contributors to access media at the same time.
• Advanced storage protection — With high-quality hardware and patented data protection technology, ISIS | 1000 safeguards media in the event that one or even two drives go down. The file protection system provides media-aware capabilities that rebuilds actual stored assets instead of the entire disk capacity, speeding up repair times.
• Simple expandability — Starting at 20TB, ISIS | 1000 can be expanded to 80TB delivering 36 to 144 streams of 50Mbit/sec media.

Avid ISIS | 1000 can be ordered immediately through Jasco, and will be available for delivery in Q3 2015.

Jasco showcases innovative broadcast and production solutions at Mediatech 2015

Jasco Broadcast Solutions, a pioneer in designing, installing, and maintaining a complete broadcast technology portfolio, will be showcasing a variety of innovative solutions for broadcasters of all sizes at Mediatech Africa 2015.

“Mediatech is the only event of its kind for the southern African market, and for broadcast integrators such as Jasco it is the ideal platform for us to showcase our solution offerings. Since the event is well attended by our customers, it offers us the opportunity to highlight our new products and solutions. It also affords us the chance to demonstrate how these solutions help meet the unique challenges faced by broadcasters today, helping local organisations deliver world-class content offerings,’ says Paul Divall, managing director of broadcast solutions at the Jasco Group.

At the event, Jasco will have a number of products on demonstration at their dedicated stand, and will have experts from each of the vendors available to answer questions on the products. Products available include Avid Media Composer Version 8, Avid Interplay and Media Central, the latest Canon offerings, ClearCom communication solutions, FrontPorch Digital Media Archiving solutions from Oracle, and VizRT graphics solutions. Hands-on demonstrations will enable attendees to see exactly how the solutions work.

One of the product highlights is the innovative new Avid ISIS|1000 shared storage solution. The ISIS|1000 brings small production teams the same collaborative power of other Avid ISIS solutions, proven on blockbuster films and prime time television, at a price they can afford. ISIS|1000 costs 50% less than the ISIS|5500 solution, which was previously Avid’s entry level shared storage solution. It offers a total of 16TB of usable storage in a single 2U rack mountable form factor, which is fully scalable for expansion as requirements grow. With 300 MB/s bandwidth per storage engine, the ISIS|1000 enables up to 24 editors, assistants and loggers to access and utilise the system simultaneously. It integrates fully with all other Avid solutions such as Media Composer, Interplay and Media Central, as well as third party editors like Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro.

In addition, as Sony’s largest professional reseller in Southern Africa, Jasco will be partnering with Sony on their stand at the show. Jasco Broadcast Solutions will have a Sony expert on hand to help demonstrate the various available products and solutions. Jasco will also be represented each day in the Presentation Zone, offering talks on a variety of topics including Avid Media Composer, Avid Media Central and Interplay, and VizRT graphics solutions.

“The local broadcast market is currently incredibly dynamic, and we are seeing rapid increase in the number of production houses as more and more television channels emerge demanding content. As digital terrestrial television begins to see increased rollout, there will be an even greater demand for high quality local content. At the same time, technology has become more affordable and accessible to more people, further fuelling growth in this market. We are looking forward to showcasing our solutions for all sizes of broadcaster at Mediatech 2015, and particularly products geared toward enabling the growth and proliferation of smaller production houses,’ Divall concludes.

Taking place from 15 to 17 July 2015 at The Ticketpro Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg, the biennial Mediatech event is the largest media and entertainment technology trade show for southern Africa. Visit Jasco at stand G17 to discover how integrated broadcast technology will drive local content provision forward to a world-class standard.

Waterfront Film Studios expands collaborative editing capabilities with Avid

Waterfront Film Studios, a studio in Cape Town which specialises in production and post-production of both movies and television for large broadcasters across the globe, has turned to Jasco Broadcast Solutions and the Avid ISIS 5500 in order to expand its capabilities and leverage the advantages of collaboration and shared storage.

Ivan Bridgens, owner of Waterfront Film Studios says, “Waterfront Film Studios is a fairly new company, having bought out the assets and premises of Collective Dream Studios in late 2013. We have been in the process of building our capabilities since then, and part of this required an upgrade to the existing technology in order to deal with an upcoming production for BBC Television. We needed to be able to connect our seven Avid studios with centralised online storage capability in order to leverage collaborative editing. The Avid ISIS 5500 was the ideal solution for our requirements.”

The Avid ISIS 5500 offers a centralised shared media storage platform which ensures protection of critical media assets along with superior performance and the ability to collaborate in the production and post-production environment. It offers scalability and value designed for smaller workgroups such as Waterfront Film Studios, where seven users will be accessing and collaborating on the system. This will not only assist Waterfront Film Studios to accelerate and optimise their workflows through collaborative editing, it will also help to optimise storage space. Using the Avid ISIS 5500 editors can now work together on a single copy of footage without the need to duplicate it multiple times.

“As we move further and further into the high-definition video space, storage is an increasing requirement. While the ISIS 5500 provides plenty of storage for Waterfront Film Studios’ needs, it also helps to optimise storage capacity by minimising the duplication of content required for multiple parties to work on footage. In addition it is highly scalable so it will continue to grow with their requirements into the future.’ says Paul Divall, managing director of Intelligent Technologies at Jasco.

Jasco Broadcast Solutions

Part of The Jasco Group, Jasco Broadcast Solutions delivers cutting edge, integrated solutions across the entire broadcasting value chain, from design and building to installation, integration and maintenance.

The company offers technology and services to take customers from image capture through to transmission and beyond. As representatives of 23 international broadcasting solutions brands, from production and post- production to digital archiving and storage, broadcasting support systems, 3D effects, compliance recording, sound systems and more, Jasco Broadcast Solutions has everything covered. Not only do they offer flagship broadcast
offerings from around the world, they are also experts in systems integration and implementation, taking broadcasting solutions from planning to reality and providing support every step of the way.

Their impressive client list and operations cover sub-Saharan Africa, Mauritius and the Seychelles, with more than 400 editing suites in operation across the region as well as numerous integrated multi-user broadcast production systems. These solutions are supported by a highly qualified technical team.

At Mediatech Africa Jasco Broadcast Solutions will showcase a selection of offerings from some of its premier partners, including Avid, Front Porch Digital, ClearCom, Vizrt, Axon and Egripment. Brand representatives and subject matter experts from these international organisations will be on hand to demonstrate the power of their product offerings and, with the Jasco Broadcast Solutions sales team, will be able to show visitors hands-on what the solutions can do, and answer any questions.

Jasco Broadcast Solutions – Stand Number G21

Jasco a CoE sponsor

As part of its commitment to help universities to address the skills gap and build the pool of qualified engineers in South Africa, particularly within telecommunications, Jasco ICT, a division of the Jasco Group, has come on board as one of the sponsors of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Broadband Networks at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Jasco has dedicated resources towards ensuring that students in the telecoms engineering sector receive the education, exposure, opportunities and experience they need to secure employment and contribute positively to the local economy.

The CoE is a national initiative, started by Telkom in conjunction with industry and government in 1997. The aim of these Centres is to impart knowledge and develop skills in science, engineering and technology. The idea is for corporates such as Jasco, to provide sponsorship for these students and the Centres, such as the CoE at UCT, and offer selected students the opportunity to gain exposure through a variety of platforms.

Says Neco Ventura, head of the Centre of Excellence for Broadband Networks at the UCT: “The CoE at UCT is an interdisciplinary Centre for research into advanced networking systems, specialising in broadband networks and applications. It helps students not only to learn the skills they need to become employable but also to address a trend in today’s market away from simply box dropping products towards delivering value added end-to-end integrated solutions. By giving students the practical, real-world experience they need, UCT’s CoE enables students to develop the skills necessary to plan, design, integrate, maintain and support innovative and inspiring solutions.’

Ben Steyn, executive head of Sales, Jasco Carrier Networks adds: “Jasco ICT is a value added reseller of solutions comprising of infrastructure and equipment, including integration. As such these skills are vital to the company. We need more local skills who are able to do this, not only to empower our youth but to lessen our reliance on imported skills and to boost our own economy.’

“For the past six years, first as Telesciences and now as the more powerful Jasco entity, we have sponsored through the CoE students who are studying in the broadband technology area. This not only helps to skill the student up, but also benefits our organisation since we will have access to engineers and computer scientists with the certifications and skills needed to provide relevant support in access, network and transmission technology, which are Jasco ICT’s areas of specialisation,’ he adds.

CoE students are also given the opportunity to present a paper in their particular field at the prestigious annual Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC), allowing the students to showcase their skills to potential employers. This is an excellent networking occasion, since all of the top players in the telecoms community partake in the event. It also gives the students the chance to keep up to date with the latest trends and technological innovations.

Joyce Mwangama, a PhD student at UCT, is one of the individuals for whom the programme has helped to realise their dreams. As a result of the corporate sponsorship through the CoE she has been able to complete her undergraduate and Master’s studies and has recently begun to work on her PhD. For her doctoral thesis Mwangama is conducting research into the concept of mobile broadband networks, something which is highly topical and is currently gaining momentum in the local telecoms industry.

“The CoE has assisted me in my studies by hiring me as a research assistant, which enables me to finance my studies. It has provided me with all of the resources and assistance I need and the ideal environment within which to conduct my research,’ Mwangama says.

Jasco’s big deal

Johannesburg-based Jasco Broadcast Solutions recently signed an agreement with global brand Object Matrix to bring the MatrixStore digital archiving and storage solution to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

“A major trend within the broadcast community locally and internationally is a move towards digital file format broadcasting as well as high definition (HD) and stereoscropic 3D. These formats all create huge data files that need to be stored securely.

“The MatrixStore solution is the ideal product for the African market, as it is priced to appeal to smaller production and post-production houses, while still providing all of the required features and functionality,’ says Steve Lauter, sales manager, Jasco Broadcast Solutions.

The company’s reseller agreement with Cardiff-based Object Matrix complements its experienced team and enhances the company’s suite of solutions.

MatrixStore’s highly secure scalable clustered storage system provides high availability with automatic fail-over and protection of content along with the ability to tag items with metadata for searching, and is easy to scale by adding storage nodes in a “just-in-time’ fashion. With the Interplay plug in MatrixStore enables users to easily install and use Interplay, take advantage of Avid’s web services and gain low cost entry level access, without the need for Avid’s Archive Manager.

“The MatrixStore solution integrates seamlessly with Avid workflows, which is a big selling point for Jasco. As the official representatives for Avid in the SADC region, this Avid-specific interfacing was very important to further enhance a tailored solution. By adding the Object Matrix product to our line up, including the Avid Interplay archiving plug in, we are now able to deliver a more comprehensive offering to our clients, which includes affordable storage and archiving,’ Lauter adds.

Says Nick Pearce, co-founder of Object Matrix: “When looking to expand internationally, we approached Avid to find out which partners they would recommend working with. Jasco Broadcast Solutions came highly recommended by Avid for the region, with a sound reputation for excellence and a thorough knowledge of the market. After approaching them and seeing the synergies and cultural similarities between our organisations, we selected them as the ideal representative for our products.

“Until now digital broadcast storage has been prohibitively expensive and post-production houses are looking for more cost effective options. The MatrixStore product is ideal for the African market as it is not just a cost effective solution, it is also highly robust and resilient and fits neatly into the broadcasting environment by integrating with the tools that editors and post-production artists use,’ he adds.

Screen Africa Magazine – February 2012

Jasco partners with Front Porch Digital

Jasco Broadcast Solutions, a division of Jasco Carrier Networks, recently concluded a partnership agreement to represent world-renowned Front Porch Digital product offerings as a reseller in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, including Southern and Eastern Africa; as well as Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Front Porch Digital is the global leader in content storage management (CSM) as well as in migration and preservation of videotape to digital files. The company delivers end-to-end solutions for cost-effectively digitising, accessing, and preserving media and accelerating the migration of videotape to optimised and secure digital storage. Negotiations for this agreement began in March 2011 and were concluded in August, enabling Jasco to become a reseller of Front Porch Digital’s products in the region.

“Jasco Broadcast Solutions represents products to address the entire range of broadcasting needs for the production, post production and broadcaster market, from capture to production and through to transmission. Front Porch Digital is well respected internationally with a reputation for quality, high-end solutions. Their offering fills a gap in our portfolio as it fits in well with our existing products and enables us to add digital archiving and storage, along with other management and migration solutions to our product offering,” says Steve Lauter, Sales Manager, Jasco Broadcast Solutions.

The Front Porch Digital range consists of DIVASolutions, three product categories that can be integrated to migrate, manage, and market media content securely and efficiently. DIVASolutions SAMMA products are the first of their kind to automate digitisation of videotape, moving content into secure, accessible, and searchable digital storage. DIVArchive and DIVAdirector are trusted solutions for scalable and reliable CSM that enable digital file-based workflows to operate seamlessly across multiple sites.
Award-winning DIVApublish is a unique, cloud-based service that combines automated creation of frame-level metadata with online distribution.

“While the traditional boundaries between broadcasting and IT have blurred over the years, the broadcast market still maintains some very specific needs. Our solutions have been built from scratch to meet the needs of this market, are highly scalable and designed specifically for distributed architectures,” says Bertrand Farabet, Solution Architect, Front Porch Digital.

“By partnering with Jasco Broadcast Solutions, who are well known in the market in the African region, we are now able to increase our footprint and access new markets that we have had limited success within the past. Having a local presence in the market is vital to reach our target customers, and the team at Jasco is skilled with sound knowledge of the industry and the specific products and systems used in this market. We will also now be able to offer Level 1 support in the region to provide better customer service,”
he adds.

For Jasco’s customers, this partnership adds another option to the company’s bouquet of solutions and enables the Group to expand its offering into the broadcast specific archiving space with a solution from an internationally respected company with a solid brand reputation. The Jasco Broadcast Solutions team has received high level sales and technical training on the entire Front Porch Digital suite and members of the team will be sent to Front Porch Digital headquarters in France in November this year for further training.

“Leveraging the powerful synergies within the Jasco Group as a whole, we will also be able to extend this product offering to include hosted and cloud services through our co-location data centre facility. We aim to become a point of presence for Front Porch Digital’s recently announced cloud services offering, and we are looking forward to the opportunities this brings to the Jasco Group,” Lauter concludes.

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