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We speak the language of television in nearly every language. We provide the simplicity, the flexibility and the knowledge to deliver a solution aligned with your specific strategy. We open up global opportunities in broadcasting by making content distribution and management simple.

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Globecast increases live streaming successes

Globecast, a global solutions provider for media, is hailing last year as one of its streaming successes after it completed a range of projects supplying a variety of services. These included: Ladies European Tour; The British GT Championship; Equestrian Endurance; and Star Sixes (football).

The Ladies European Tour (LET) is Europe’s leading women’s professional golf tour and formed as the WPGA in 1978. It has 324 members from 38 different countries who inspire fans at more than 20 golf tournaments on five continents.

Globecast began working with the tour’s television production partner U.COM Media, in 2016, extending the partnership across 2017. Globecast provided several services for each of the season’s events, highlighting the advantages of a single vendor approach. It supplied the satellite capacity covering the distribution of each event, that in turn was downlinked in London. The content was then transcoded and streamed live on YouTube.  In tandem, the live stream was delivered to a cloud-based editing platform, where the content was clipped and repackaged for distribution on social networking. Since then, Globecast has also begun offering this service with the availability of its liveSpotter short-form VOD content clipping technology.

Simultaneously, Globecast also turned the live transmission around for delivery to multiple satellites for full global coverage. Lastly, it provided a file transfer service, enabling U.COM and its nominated affiliates to download all the content from Globecast’s FTP site for further use.

Liz McParland, commercial director of Contribution at Globecast said, “Our customers want a broadcast-like, HD-quality experience for their streaming viewers. It makes a lot of sense to customers to take advantage of multiple services at the same time from us. If we’re already processing their content, it’s really straightforward for us to then transcode it for live streaming and prepare it for file transfer. Of course, with some customers, we also provide complete production services.”

This was the case with Horse Power’s Equestrian Endurance events, where Globecast not only provided a faultless live stream for up to 10 hours a day, but also the production facilities including an OB vehicle, cameras, sound, EVS technology allowing record and instant replay, plus graphics. It also provided the technical personnel from camera operators to sound and engineering crew, along with the producers and directors. The events achieved upwards of 8 000 views.

Star Sixes (where celebrated former football players took part in a tournament at the O2 Arena in London) and the British GT Championship benefitted from the use of similar Globecast services: satellite uplink onsite, satellite capacity, downlinking at its London facility, transcoding of live streams and then distribution of that stream to either YouTube, Facebook or to dedicated VOD players on their websites.

McParland said: “It’s clear the content distribution market has changed, particularly – though not exclusively – with sports. Streaming is such a valuable way to reach audiences for niche content, potentially then driving linear TV distribution, though in its own right streaming can achieve big audiences. Even with Tier 1 content, streaming is very powerful as a promotional tool, creating a buzz and driving interest. The key thing is providing a quality audience experience. That is what we do, all under one roof.”


Globecast appoints Jacques Rivals to further enhance their customer experience

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, announces Jacques Rivals as chief quality and change officer, effective immediately. In his new position, Rivals will work closely with the marketing, operations and sales teams in all regions on the quality control of Globecast’s solutions. He will build and support transformation programmes as part of Globecast’s overall quality management strategy, helping to drive an enhanced customer experience.

Rivals joined the Orange Group, Globecast’s parent company, in 1986. Since then he’s worked in regional operations, marketing, and B2C sales strategy and governance for Orange France. Since 2011, Rivals has been in charge of sales performance support for Orange’s European Subsidiaries and has contributed to the design and launch of the Orange Group Customer Experience Programme.

Philippe Bernard, CEO at Globecast commented, “A key focus for us is to continue to improve the experience that we provide for our customers. That is central to what we offer as a company. Jacques has tremendous experience in developing and delivering customer experience programmes and understands precisely what’s required.  We have no doubt that he will flourish in his new role.”

Rivals is based in Paris and reports directly to CEO Philippe Bernard. Rivals also sits on the Globecast Executive Committee.


Globecast selects Mediaproxy broadcast compliance and monitoring software

Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions for
compliance, monitoring and analysis, has announced that Globecast, the global
solutions provider for media, has chosen its LogServer software solution for its London
and Singapore facilities.

Globecast helps customers to manage their content and make it available wherever
required, by anyone required. The company provides agile and seamless content
acquisition, media management, VOD logistics, OTT and distribution services globally,
constantly innovating and investing in new technologies to create customer-centric
new services. With points of presence in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa
Globecast is relied upon by content owners of all sizes around the world.

Globecast’s facilities can ingest broadcast feeds from satellite, digital terrestrial
television, and IP networks for aggregating, processing, and delivering live and file-
based content around the world. LogServer, Mediaproxy’s software-based broadcast
and IP monitoring solution, provides real-time compliance monitoring, reporting, and
incidence management. Using Mediaproxy’s LogServer software suite, Globecast is
able to ensure full compliance with local broadcast regulations including loudness,
subtitling, and closed captioning. The LogServer solution was installed at Globecast’s
London facilities by Mediaproxy’s UK based partner, Polar Graphics.

“With Mediaproxy we can ensure the highest level of regulatory compliance and
quality control possible for our customer,’ said Sylvain Merle, CTO of Globecast. “As
content delivery and consumption becomes increasingly multi-screen and multi-
format, the agility provided by the LogServer software suite will allow us to stay one
step ahead of evolving viewer trends.’

“We are very pleased that Globecast has chosen our software based solution as we
know how seriously they take broadcast compliance and quality assurance,’ said Mark
Horchler, VP of Global Marketing at Mediaproxy. “We are looking forward to working
with the UK team and continue to deliver the most reliable and advanced

Globecast announces Juliet Walker as chief marketing officer

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, announces the appointment of
Juliet Walker as chief marketing officer, effective immediately. In her new role, Walker
is focused on enhancing Globecast’s customer value proposition and driving profitable
revenue growth. She will help diversify the company’s product and services portfolio,
innovate into new territories and reinforce the Globecast brand within its various
markets. She reports to Globecast CEO Philippe Bernard.

“We’re delighted to welcome Juliet to our very forward-thinking team,’ said Globecast
CEO Philippe Bernard. “She has strong knowledge of B2B strategies and a keen ability
to develop a tactical portfolio around emerging and rapidly developing markets. We
know she will successfully build a roadmap for the future to offer our customers the
most agile solutions for delivering media content to any platform, anywhere in the
world on any device.’

Walker brings nearly 20 years’ experience to her role. She joins Globecast from
Ooredoo Group, where she led Group Consumer Marketing for five years. Prior to that,
she held several high-level management and marketing positions within the Orange
Group. Walker holds an MA in Natural Sciences and a Ph.D. in Chemistry, both from
Cambridge University, UK.

Commenting on her new role, Walker said, “I’m excited to join the talented team at
Globecast, especially when the market is advancing with IP-based services and TV is
shifting to an “Everywhere’ OTT experience: with viewers on second screens and
mobile devices. Our strategy is to listen to our customers directly, to make sure they
can get the right content to the right screen, on time and on budget. We know this
means more than just innovating with the changing times; it’s about offering high
quality media management, satellite communications, and IP-based services that ease
our customers’ complexities and optimise their workflows. I will continue to help
Globecast with this strategy so that our customers can tackle any challenges in their
path and truly harness the value we offer.’

Globecast IBC2017 preview

Globecast helps customers to manage their content and make it available wherever required, by anyone required. The company provides agile and seamless content acquisition, management and distribution services globally, constantly innovating and investing in new technologies to create customer-centric new services.

Globecast has created the number one global hybrid fibre and satellite network for video contribution and distribution. It delivers any type of video service including: TV Everywhere OTT, satellite, cable, video-on-demand and CDN delivery using cloud-enabled media solutions. It supplies Content Acquisition, Aggregation and Distribution (CAAD) services to over 100 networks worldwide that are distributed via multiple platforms. The company remains the trusted partner for global coverage and international delivery of news, sports, and special events around the globe. Customers enjoy a seamless global experience from 12 interconnected Globecast-owned facilities, including Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Paris, Rome, and Johannesburg.

New at IBC 2017

Globecast new Media Manager Platform

Creating multi-platform content with the new Globecast Media Manager Platform
Globecast launches its new integrated platform that enables its customers to clip, edit and publish high-quality content instantly across multiple outlets. Customers can create video-on-demand files from live streams and syndicate to multiple online services and across social media.

Globecast’s powerful expertise in covering live events enables its customers’ editorial teams to package action highlights during and after an event, then to publish to all screens. Globecast’s intelligent media management system automatically allows content owners to increase viewer/follower engagement, grow their audience and introduce new monetisation models.

Globecast XN – Use the public internet for distribution, disaster recovery and monitoring services
Globecast will also be promoting its GCXN solution. This manages the transport of broadcast and media services over the public internet. Allowing very rapid deployment, it enables customers to create and then distribute content wherever they may be, far quicker and more cost effectively than using traditional fibre.

GCXN is used for primary and secondary distribution with broadcast-grade quality. It comes as a standalone service or as a complementary solution to satellite services. It can also be used for disaster recovery and monitoring of video services. Using the public Internet, GCXN has universal reach that is secure and reliable. It’s a comprehensive service that’s managed and monitored end-to-end, delivering peace of mind.

My Globecast – Online portal to enhance the customer experience
Customers can manage Globecast services efficiently with this secure, simple, real-time digital tool anytime, anywhere using any device. My Globecast is designed for and by customers to offer a simpler customer journey with a user-friendly homepage. Customers have access to all of their services and favorites in one click. They can use My Globecast to manage their media management and distribution-related services.
• Services supervision, incident management and planned maintenance communication
• 360-degree overview of media management and associated playout and video-on-demand services

Also on show:
Globecast is also announcing its new Cloud Channel Playout solution for SD, HD and 4K channels. This significantly enhances its service deployment efficiency, time-to-market and flexibility and further enhances its geographical reach, as well as enabling fast start-up time.

Globecast continues to expand the capabilities of its TV Everywhere OTT Video services via a comprehensive ecosystem of partners to complement its in-house versatile video headend solution used for media content preparation. Beyond mobile apps for smartphone and tablets, it now provides apps to key Smart TV app stores: Roku, Samsung, LG, Android TV and Netgem.

IBC 2017 is taking place from 14 to 19 September in Amsterdam.

Globecast at NAB 2017

Globecast is exhibiting in the Connected Media arena at NAB 2017 and will be highlighting its playout and media management services.

New at NAB 2017

NAB debut of Globecast Optim’Net – CDN cost optimisation technology
Even though the CDN price-per-GB is regularly decreasing, CDN costs for media delivery are growing every year as audiences, and therefore demand for content, expand. A second factor is that viewers are watching online content for longer periods of time than ever before. We are also seeing the demand for media quality shifting from very compressed video to SD and to HD, which of course increases CDN traffic. In order to optimise costs related to content delivery, Globecast is launching its Optim’Net solution, proving that peer-assisted media delivery is ready for prime time. This CDN off-loading service – which integrates seamlessly with any CDN vendor – relies on the audience watching the content to participate in the delivery to other viewers. Extra benefits include improved network performance and better user experience, especially a reduced start time for media playback.

Disaster Recovery Playout Services

For the first time at NAB, Globecast is highlighting its recently launched Disaster Recovery Playout Services. Globecast’s Culver City Media Center is strategically located in the heart of the media and entertainment capital of the world — Los Angeles, CA. For broadcasters, networks and studios requiring geographic proximity to Southern California or requiring access to the important LA market, Globecast provides infrastructure, personnel and expertise to manage low-cost disaster recovery feeds for primary networks. It also provides cost-effective new service launches to minimise risk and capital investment.

Also on show

VOD logistics
Following the launch of Globecast VOD Logistics last year, the company has continued to increase its platform delivery reach with the volume of content distributed doubling last year. Globecast VOD Logistics makes creation and delivery of VOD packages simple, handling the complex and intricate requirements of each VOD platform. The company assembles and delivers VOD content packages with all the relevant metadata, languages, graphics, subtitles and promos in the technical formats demanded by VOD platforms globally.

Globecast manages an extensive and rapidly growing network of VOD platform affiliates, thus ensuring that customers can reach a global audience footprint quickly and efficiently.

Globecast Media Factory: A Global Solution

Globecast’s Media Factory leverages the company’s proven expertise in handling both linear and on-demand services through playout and over-the-top solutions. We deliver on the promise to take content from anywhere in the world, process it in any way required, and then deliver it anywhere to any device.

Also highlighted
Globecast will also be discussing its Content Localisation and Monetisation solutions to allow monetisation on every screen with the company having a suite of services to help broadcasters achieve this objective. It’s Contribution Services will also be highlighted, with Globecast providing a one-stop shop to deliver content anywhere in the world, regardless of the size or scope of the news or sports event. Globecast will also discuss its position at the forefront of global Distribution Services. Regardless of the distribution market(s) required, Globecast has a solution readily available with minimal lead time.

Globecast provides complete contribution and distribution services for the Total Africa Cup of Nations

From 14 January to 5 February, Globecast, ensured the successful international coverage of the Total African Cup of Nations 2017 from Gabon. Globecast provided a full HD contribution and distribution service for African, European and Asian broadcasters as well as an IP platform.

To cover this major event in the international football calendar, in which 16 African national teams participated, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and Lagardere Sports (leader in the management of African marketing and audiovisual rights) enlisted Globecast for its technical and strategic know-how. More than 15 major broadcasters from Europe, Africa and Asia covered the event taking the Globecast live feeds. During the tournament, many additional African channels also provided coverage depending on who was playing.

Globecast provided uplinks and contribution (primary and backup sources) by deploying two flyaway antennas (C- and Ku-band) in each of the four official tournament stadiums. To do this, Globecast managed the shipping and local logistics for nine HD satellite broadcast antenna kits representing a total of six tons of equipment.

In Gabon, Globecast provided a team of engineers and a global coordinator from Globecast Reportage and its Nairobi subsidiary. In its Parisian facility (Paris-Archives/Serte), a dedicated team supervised and coordinated contribution links and international distribution for each match. Globecast also provided two commentator posts (both French) and handled the insertion of sponsors’ graphical elements to enrich the live broadcasts from its Paris MCR.

In addition to broadcast distribution, Globecast also operated a video file distribution platform, which provided the rights holders with about thirty minutes of new material per day, divided into a dozen targeted sections, as well as the live streaming of the games for exclusive Lagardere Sports editorials requirements.

Michele Gosetti, EVP Sales France, said, “It was with great enthusiasm that Globecast ensured the very successful transmission of the 31st edition of the 2017 Total Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon. We transmitted 180 hours of live HD programming plus a hundred hours of private signals. We not only ensured the contribution and distribution of the main signal through six C and Ku-band satellites, but also provided the IP and content enrichment solutions that are now a common part of the coverage of major events. This important project is another example of how Globecast continues to develop its range of services to support its customers in the face of market changes, from and to any place in the world.’

Globecast announces Remote Production service at IBC 2016

Globecast will announce its new Remote Production service at IBC 2016. This solution enables Globecast customers to think differently about what events they cover and how, bringing together a variety of premium technologies to create a brand new acquisition service.

Globecast’s Remote Production offering turns the concept of traditional supply of a ready-to-broadcast feed from venues on its head. Initially targeting major live sports broadcasts, this new remote production service will enable content owners, be they major event rights holders or local events promoters, to more easily select from multiple source feeds or content distribution feeds, whether via their own global locations or from feeds provided by international broadcasters.

Globecast’s Remote Production service will allow its customers to create bespoke programming in their local studio, on their own production systems, and prepare their own customised ready-to-broadcast feeds. More importantly, customers can eliminate the need to send dedicated production teams to different locations, avoiding technology, travel and personnel costs that are now part and parcel of covering a major live sporting event.

Globecast is now putting in place the technology to provide efficient access to source feeds – directly from cameras and elsewhere – to international broadcasters at key Globecast Media Center handover points, with delivery in secure IP format. A combination of the company’s compression and overall transmission skillsets is powering the creation of a low latency, highly scalable network around which the service will operate.

Michele Gosetti, EVP at Globecast said, “We’re always evolving our services – both technically and commercially -to better support our customers. With our new Remote Production service we’ve harnessed the power of our distribution services and our unparalleled network reach to deliver an innovative approach that offers customers a way to deliver new content services more flexibly and cost efficiently.’

For more information visit the Globecast website.

Globecast at IBC 2016

Globecast provides content acquisition, management and distribution services globally. Globecast has created a global hybrid fibre and satellite network for video contribution and distribution. This network enables multi-platform delivery including TV Everywhere OTT, satellite, cable, video on demand, CDN delivery as well as cloud-enabled media services.

New at IBC 2016

At IBC, taking place in Amsterdam between 8 and 12 September, Globecast is pioneering a new remote production service, turning the concept of traditional supply of a ready-to-broadcast feed from venues on its head. Content owners will now be able to select from multiple source-feeds at their own global locations, including Johannesburg, allowing them to create bespoke programming on their own production systems, and prepare their “ready to broadcast’ feeds.

Globecast is now putting in place the technology to provide efficient access to source-feeds, directly from cameras and elsewhere, to international broadcasters at key Globecast Media Centre handover points, with delivery in secure IP format.

Video headend
Television, or more generally video content, is a key enabler for telcos to reduce churn and attract new customers. But, satisfying consumer appetite for content choice and their expectations of a high quality, uninterrupted service can be challenging and costly. This often requires significant upfront investment, and operational skills can be hard to find.

Globecast has developed a cost-effective multi-tenant video headend solution to allow any telco, anywhere in the world, to deliver a video service to their subscribers. The solution reduces upfront investments, speeds time to market and maximises quality through provision as a supported, fully managed service.

Also presenting at IBC 2016

VOD Logistics
Following the launch of Globecast VOD Logistics earlier in the year, Globecast has continued to increase its platform delivery reach with the volume of content distributed doubling in the past six months.

Globecast VOD Logistics makes creation and delivery of VOD packages simple, handling the complex and intricate requirements of each VOD platform. The company assembles and delivers VOD content packages with all the relevant metadata, languages, graphics, subtitles and promos in the technical formats demanded by VOD platforms globally.

Globecast manages an extensive and rapidly growing network of VOD platform affiliates, thus ensuring that customers can reach a global audience footprint quickly and efficiently.

For more information visit the Globecast website.

Globecast provides multiple contribution services for UEFA Euro 2016

Globecast, a global solutions provider for media, provided a range of contribution services for multiple broadcasters covering the UEFA Euro 2016 competition which ended on 10 July. Contested every four years, this year’s event – held in France – was the first time the tournament featured 24 teams from across Europe.

Globecast provided a combination of SNG and contribution satellite services for an Italian broadcaster, managing all contribution between the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) at Porte de Versailles and its dedicated outdoor studio near Paris’ iconic Eiffel tower. All contributions to and from the IBC were also being managed for a French and South African broadcaster.

Globecast was also contracted to provide and operate a flyaway antenna on the rooftop of a Russian broadcaster’s outdoor studio and manage all contribution transmissions to Russia.

To support its activities during Euro 2016, Globecast provided French, British, Italian and South African engineers – deployed locally in Paris at the individual broadcasters’ studios and/or at IBC – to deliver dedicated support to each customer during the month long competition taking place from 10 June to 10 July 2016.

In addition, Globecast provided live standup positions in Paris/St Denis (with a view of the Stade de France) and Marseilles (with a view of the city and stadium), throughout the competition to serve a number of international TV networks from China, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Malaysia and France.

Michele Gosetti, director of the contribution and media services at Globecast said, “It is a testament to our contribution expertise – whether technical or logistical – that so many of our customers have chosen Globecast to support their coverage of Euro 2016. We have extensive experience of handling contribution from multiple locations at the world’s greatest sporting events and operating in often challenging conditions. Our customers know that we can tailor services to meet their specific needs and that our support engineers have the know-how and language skills to fit seamlessly into their operations.’

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