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We speak the language of television in nearly every language. We provide the simplicity, the flexibility and the knowledge to deliver a solution aligned with your specific strategy. We open up global opportunities in broadcasting by making content distribution and management simple.

Jobs by Globecast Press:

Globecast provides multiple contribution services for UEFA Euro 2016

Globecast, a global solutions provider for media, provided a range of contribution services for multiple broadcasters covering the UEFA Euro 2016 competition which ended on 10 July. Contested every four years, this year’s event – held in France – was the first time the tournament featured 24 teams from across Europe.

Globecast provided a combination of SNG and contribution satellite services for an Italian broadcaster, managing all contribution between the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) at Porte de Versailles and its dedicated outdoor studio near Paris’ iconic Eiffel tower. All contributions to and from the IBC were also being managed for a French and South African broadcaster.

Globecast was also contracted to provide and operate a flyaway antenna on the rooftop of a Russian broadcaster’s outdoor studio and manage all contribution transmissions to Russia.

To support its activities during Euro 2016, Globecast provided French, British, Italian and South African engineers – deployed locally in Paris at the individual broadcasters’ studios and/or at IBC – to deliver dedicated support to each customer during the month long competition taking place from 10 June to 10 July 2016.

In addition, Globecast provided live standup positions in Paris/St Denis (with a view of the Stade de France) and Marseilles (with a view of the city and stadium), throughout the competition to serve a number of international TV networks from China, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Malaysia and France.

Michele Gosetti, director of the contribution and media services at Globecast said, “It is a testament to our contribution expertise – whether technical or logistical – that so many of our customers have chosen Globecast to support their coverage of Euro 2016. We have extensive experience of handling contribution from multiple locations at the world’s greatest sporting events and operating in often challenging conditions. Our customers know that we can tailor services to meet their specific needs and that our support engineers have the know-how and language skills to fit seamlessly into their operations.’

France Televisions and Globecast sign deal to bring Le Tour to screens

French broadcasting group France Televisions and the global media solutions provider Globecast have signed a five-year deal to renew their partnership to bring iconic cycling events, including the Tour de France, to screens. This year’s Tour starts on Saturday, 2 July.

Renowned cycling coverage provider France Televisions has partnered with Globecast for the latter to supply comprehensive transmission services. This multi-year deal will see them provide innovative coverage of the Tour de France, the Criterium Dauphine Libere, Paris Roubaix, Paris Tours and Paris Nice until 2020.
Since its beginning, Globecast has been providing services for cycle races – such as the Tour de France – supplying overarching transmission solutions that bring together logistical, technical and human resources.

From the race start to the finishing line, Globecast France has the expertise to facilitate this dynamic coverage. It brings signals from along the course using satellite and cellular to France Televisions, allowing it to create its celebrated final output.

The renewal of this partnership reinforces the historic relationship between the two companies and allows them to continue to share their visions, particularly surrounding technological developments, both short and long term.

Anne Souche, head of Transmission Department of France Televisions, said, “Covering cycle racing has always been one of the greatest technical challenges for live television. Our content from the Tour de France in particular is well recognised by broadcasters worldwide as a model of its kind. Cooperation between France Televisions and Globecast has existed since the beginning of live transmissions of these races. The experience we have gained together has been a major factor in enabling us to overcome technical challenges and to succeed with them (digital transition, HD). Partnering again until 2020 allows us to anticipate and move forward with further technological improvements and innovations.’

Michele Gosetti, director of the Contribution and Media Services at Globecast, said, “Our experience and commitment are essential on such projects. France Televisions’ renewed trust in us motivates us even more to rise to the technical and logistical challenges inherent in live broadcasting major cycling races. This long-term commitment allows us to evolve our technical relationship, helping France Televisions in its desire to constantly improve and enrich the viewer experience.”br>

Globecast increases content provider reach with VOD logistics capabilities to serve $50bn market

Globecast, a global solutions provider for media, has expanded its media management and playout capabilities with the addition of a video-on-demand (VOD) logistics service. This eases the pressure on content providers by removing all VOD delivery and preparation complexity while increasing content reach and profitability.

According to recent figures from Future Market Insights, the global VOD market was worth $48.93 billion in 2015, with that increasing at 8.3 per cent compound annual growth rate through 2016 to 2026. The North American market is the largest, accounting for nearly $20 billion.

While it’s now a de facto part of the media landscape, VOD content preparation and delivery presents a real challenge for content suppliers. Globecast makes creating and delivering VOD packages simpler by handling the considerable complexities of supplying content that satisfies the differing requirements of each platform.

The company assembles VOD content packages with all the relevant metadata, languages, graphics, subtitles and promos in the technical formats demanded by individual VOD platforms globally. Critically, Globecast is able to use its linear channel management skills to provide the same level of comprehensive quality control for VOD content. It also manages an extensive network of VOD platform affiliates to help its clients distribute their content easily.

Peter Elvidge, head of Global Media Management, Globecast, said, “Going far beyond distribution, this involves taking the headache of meeting the complex specifications of all the platforms away from our customers, helping them package their content with the right metadata, subtitles, languages artwork and deliver it with guaranteed quality. VOD logistics increases Globecast’s ability to enhance content providers’ profitability by delivering efficient media management, distribution, monetisation and contribution solutions.’

Philippe Bernard appointed new chairman and CEO of Globecast

Philippe Bernard has been appointed the new chairman and chief executive officer
at Globecast, succeeding Olivier Barberot. He joins Globecast from the Orange
Group, where he served as EVP of Quality, Customer Experience and Sales since
July 2013. Prior to that he was CEO of Transpac, before joining Orange Group as VP
of Orange Business Solutions, based in the UK, and went on to take over the
European Sales and Customer Relations Division. He is a graduate of the
prestigious Ecole Polytechnique.

Bernard will drive Globecast’s strategy to position the company as a fully global and
integrated media solutions provider that addresses the changing needs of markets
and customers, as a complement to its position as the largest international
independent teleport operator and satellite services provider.

“I’m honoured and grateful for the opportunity to lead this exceptional company
with dedicated, talented and creative professionals,” said Bernard. “Globecast is a
leading company in the broadcast and media industry, with multi-cultural
employees passionate about their work and driven by the desire of offering the best
quality and bespoke media solutions to its customers. Broadcasters and media
companies are having to respond to evolving consumer viewing habits, and
Globecast is perfectly positioned to help them take advantage of new market
opportunities. We will keep providing customers with greater access to our

Globecast and Lagardere Sports bring the 11th All Africa Games to European audiences

Globecast, a global solutions provider for media, recently announced that it has successfully completed a major project with its customer Lagardere Sports to bring comprehensive daily coverage of the 11th All Africa Games to European and African audiences.

The 11th All Africa Games took place from 4 to 9 September in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. This edition marked the 50th anniversary of the Games – with over 50 countries involved in 22 sports – as well as their return to the Congo.

Globecast was contracted by sports marketing agency Lagardere Sports, one of the leaders in the management of marketing and audiovisual rights for sports in Europe and Africa.

Globecast provided two flyaway antennas in Brazzaville with dedicated satellite capacity for four contribution feeds (equivalent to 300 hours of satellite time) from the country to France. These four feeds were received in Globecast’s Paris headquarters with London operating as backup.

As well as the technical infrastructure, Globecast also took the four feeds arriving in its Parisian MCR and created a comprehensive single package for broadcasters. This included three language variants – Arabic, French and English. This was achieved using dedicated commentary facilities within Globecast with the programme broadcast for six hours per day using three satellite feeds for European and African broadcasters to retransmit. On request, the distribution of additional private (unilateral) signals for European and African broadcasters was also made possible.

Michele Gosetti, VP Contribution and Media Services at Globecast, says, “We are very pleased that our contribution expertise – technical, logistical and editorial – has been recognised by Lagardere Sports. We have extensive experience of operating across Africa, often in challenging conditions. With three engineers in Brazzaville and a dozen people dedicated to the operation in our Paris MCR during the All Africa Games, the results were great and this was a successful project.’

Globecast integrates cloud-based tools and private infrastructure for media solutions

Globecast, a global solutions provider for media, has integrated its private infrastructure with a set of cloud-based tools to provide broadcasters with a highly effective playout and media solutions proposition. This integration combines the best features of the cloud with Globecast’s expertise in managed media solutions to create a solution that meets customers’ specific business objectives.

At the heart of Globecast’s cloud-based approach is its Media Factory platform, which enables the handling and preparation of content for any kind of distribution. Media Factory breaks down the traditional siloes related to separate content preparation workflows for different distribution approaches or different regions and allows customers to provide content to Globecast once and then deliver to linear playout, OTT and video-on-demand (VOD) platforms. Furthermore, Media Factory allows Globecast’s three media centres in London, Singapore and Los Angeles to seamlessly work as a single operation.

Globecast’s Channel Localisation offering draws on the flexibility, cost efficiency and accessibility of cloud infrastructure to enable broadcasters to test out services in new markets/territories without the need for a long term commitment if the market does not respond. Broadcasters have peace of mind knowing that all their content complies with local regulations, broadcasting in a local language or with local subtitles, as required. By using a small amount of physical infrastructure, Globecast is also able to ensure quality of service to maintain a broadcaster’s brand integrity and values.

In addition, Globecast is rolling out its cloud-based customer portal to provide remote access to channel workflows. It enables them to see the status of any content that Globecast holds for them, view this and orchestrate tasks between third-party specialist providers for subtitles or dubbing. The portal gives broadcasters as little or as much control over their channel or content as they want, with the agility to quickly adapt to changing market behaviour.

Pete Elvidge, head of Media Management at Globecast, said, “Irrespective of technology, dedicated teams of highly skilled specialists to meet the quality demanded by audiences are central to broadcast operations and playout. Cloud clearly has a place in the technology toolkit of solutions providers and broadcasters alike, and this is only likely to grow in the coming years. As a solutions provider our core competence is to find the best technology and operational solutions for our customers. We’re always looking at how new technology allows us to improve how we support our customers’ business needs, and cloud has some compelling features that we’ve integrated into our existing offering.’

Globecast to provide playout and distribution for Quran Hidayah

Globecast has been selected by Quran Hidayah International Network to provide a
comprehensive suite of playout and distribution services for its launch of 40
channels around the world.

Quran Hidayah is based on readings of The Noble Quran in multiple
languages, the largest network to broadcast The Noble Quran with 40
channels in total (across 30 languages), being distributed by Globecast. Digital Media
has been working with Quran Hidayah International Network to create these
channels, providing a wide range of production services.

Globecast hosts Digital Media’s state-of-the-art playout platform and provides the
services around that to manage the playout servers. Digital Media is managing the
content and uploading it using remote playout capabilities. For operators this means
they can upload the content remotely, using a simple web-based scheduling app,
organising the playlist via that application.

Globecast is also providing encoding and multiplexing as well as fibre and satellite
distribution. The encoded signals are distributed globally on six satellites, with fibre
distribution to the various uplink sites. The channels are distributed on: AsiaSat5
(uplinked from Amman, Jordan); Arabsat5C (uplinked from Amman, Jordan);
Palapa1D (uplinked from Jakarta, Indonesia); Galaxy19 (uplinked from Culver City,
Los Angeles); HotBird (uplinked from Paris, France); Hispasat1C (uplinked from
Madrid, Spain).

The channels will also be distributed in real time on YouTube with Globecast
providing the encoding/streaming to YouTube, using the live signal. All the satellite
channels have been launched with a phased launch of the YouTube services through

Giorgio Giacomini, Globecast Middle East managing director, says, “This is a very
major project that has required a great deal of careful thought and planning. We
worked closely with Digital Media across this project, using our technical and
market expertise to provide a complete playout and distribution structure with
inbuilt flexibility.’

Ayman Lasheen, Digital Media managing director, adds, “We are very pleased to
announce the launch of Quran Hidayah channels. The Quran Hidayah bouquet is
intended to be the new worldwide trademark in Islamic and Quranic channels.
Globecast is providing us with excellent distribution services: no other provider can
deliver this level of connectivity to playout and distribute this number of channels in
such a technically elegant and cost effective way. “

Globecast and WinMedia sign partnership agreement

WinMedia, an automation and content management software solutions provider for broadcasters, and Globecast, a content contribution, preparation and distribution company, have signed a partnership agreement to integrate and distribute their technologies. The tools to prepare, plan and playout the content encompassed in WinMedia solutions have been combined with Globecast’s powerful satellite delivery platform.

Six leading TV channels in North and West Africa already benefit from this cost-effective end-to-end package.

The deployed solutions feature an array of WinMedia Traffic tools for ingest and scheduling, which is installed in the broadcasters’ premises, as well as a WinMedia Playout system, set up in Globecast’s technical operation centre in Paris.

Wenping Jiang, product manager at Globecast explains, “This innovative remotely controlled solution enables broadcasters to run their channel playout operations from their own premises, controlling costs and enabling them to be completely hands-on with their channel. We have a unique combination of network reach and satellite capacity, which combined with WinMedia solutions means we can offer broadcasters of all sizes a one-stop offering that covers content preparation, management as well as local and global delivery.’

Pascal Cima, CEO at WinMedia Europe adds, “Thanks to WinMedia TV comprehensive suite, broadcasters quickly prepare and preview their playlists, add any number of upper/lower third graphics using the intuitive WinPublish module and send their programming to the fully redundant playout system in Paris.’

Each playout server can simultaneously broadcast up to four different channels in HD and/or SD formats along with the relevant CGs that project the style and individual look of each program and channel. From there, the channels are sent via satellite to a Globecast teleport for uplink onto the satellite platform.

Globecast offers broadcast services at Cannes Film Festival

Globecast, a content management and delivery solutions provider, delivers outside broadcast (OB) and host broadcaster services at the Cannes Film Festival, which is taking place in France from 14 to 24 May. With transmission and satellite costs included, these services will allow broadcasters to perform quickly when necessary, enabling them to file up-to-the-minute reports.

Marie-Noelle Janaszkiewicz, Senior Sales Engineer at Globecast says, “The Cannes Film Festival is a very high profile international event and we are once again proud to be assisting in bringing it to the world. There’s always breaking news and we are here and ready to help those broadcasters in need with a ready-to-use service package.’

Broadcasters who need access to reporting facilities will be able to use Globecast’s onsite capabilities, including: playout and a fully manned live position available for both SD/HD; satellite or fibre global distribution; electronic news-gathering as well as satellite news-gathering crews on request.

Visit the Globecast website for more information.

GlobeCast delivers Info News to Europe

GlobeCast has signed a deal with Phoenix Chinese News & Entertainment Ltd (PCNE) to deliver Info News – one of the broadcaster’s premier news channels – to continental Europe via the EUTELSAT 9A (ex. EUROBIRD™ 9A) satellite. The channel launched on the satellite on 1 June. Phoenix will bring Info News, already present in Asia and the US, to the European market for the first time with this launch, giving the channel access to a potential five million homes in the footprint of the EUTELSAT 9A satellite.

The EUTELSAT 9A satellite located at 9° East provides satellite TV homes across continental Europe with a diverse range of channels including a growing offer for Asian communities. Its proximity to Eutelsat’s popular HOT BIRD satellites also enables Info News to tap into the significant direct-to-home audience at Eutelsat’s popular HOT BIRD video neighborhood. The channel will propose reception from both neighborhoods using the Eutelsat-developed ClipSat add-on to a satellite dish.

GlobeCast receives the Info News feed via a dedicated fiber link between PCNE’s facility in the UK and GlobeCast’s central London technical operations center. From there, GlobeCast provides uplink to EUTELSAT 9A.

Info News is the first channel to report news across the Greater China region, which includes Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This channel was established on January 1, 2001 as a 24-hour channel on news updates and financial highlights worldwide. It also features commentary and analysis on current issues and topics.

GlobeCast has a longstanding relationship with PCNE, delivering the company’s flagship channel to the Sky platform in the United Kingdom since 2005.

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