Films and Publications Amendment Bill passed by President Ramaphosa


The Film and Publication Board (FPB) welcomes the passing of the Films and Publications Amendment Bill by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

This will assist in providing regulatory certainty on the mandate of the FPB for distributors of films and games online and on traditional platforms of content distribution. The Bill empowers the FPB by ensuring the Board can take administrative action and issue administrative sanctions against non-compliant distributors. 

The Bill is a victory for South African consumers as it will ensure they have public regulatory instruments enabling them to hold online companies accountable, should their rights not be adequately protected. The FPB also conducts public education campaigns advocating for safe and responsible use of social media and online platforms by consumers.

“The FPB awaits formal communication on the promulgation of the legislation from the Minister of Communication and Digital Technology. The FPB is committed to working with industry in developing regulations that will ensure the amended provisions are fully realised to the benefit of both the consumer and the industry,” said the FPB in a statement.