Zixi showcases global leading IP broadcast solutions at IBC2019


Zixi, an industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over IP, recently announced that at IBC2019 the company will be featuring extensive existing and new functionalities from the cutting edge ZEN Master stream orchestration and management system and core Zixi Platform.

At IBC2019, Zixi will be exhibiting capabilities such as:

  • Enhanced ZEN Master integration with AWS, GCP and Azure – Users can connect, monitor and manage Zixi Broadcasters on their AWS, Google Cloud and Azure instances within ZEN Master, providing streamlined operations
  • Universal origination live transcoding in 4k – From a single mezzanine source, Zixi transcodes live 4k video to adaptive bitrates and codecs and then packages them into Zixi or other industry standard formats, such as MPEG DASH, HLS, and RTMP for delivery to CDNs, digital MVPDs, IRDs, social media and more – all managed through Zixi’s ZEN Master
  • Extended content and business analytics – Zixi offers robust network, transport, content quality, and business impact analytics with alerts so any issues are immediately identified and located for rapid root cause analysis and resolution
  • Machine learning predictive analytics – Zixi employs machine learning to estimate encoded video quality (ePSNR) without analysing the source video, providing predictive alerts protecting the quality of experience
  • Sequenced hitless failover over hybrid IP networks – The Zixi Platform applies a multiple alignment algorithm that works much like DNA sequence alignment, in order to reconstruct the original sequence of IP packets that best recreates the original stream fragments from a blend of internet, fibre, satellite, cellular, or any other IP connections for 99.999%+ reliability
  • Bonded hitless failover over hybrid IP networks – Zixi’s unique and dynamic network bonding capability can blend internet, fibre, satellite, cellular, or any other IP connections to form a virtual bonded network that is optimized for low-latency and 99.999% broadcast-quality reliability and intelligently manages fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss and latency differences of individual connections in real-time to choose the optimal path over IP
  • Highly customizable reporting – ZEN Master offers customisable granular reporting, including usage reports, status summaries, and up-time and outage reporting, providing both customers and partners the key data necessary to optimize their operations
  • Rich automation and scheduling capabilities – Organize and schedule repetitive tasks to optimize content publishing and broadcaster operations for increased operational scale, improve staff efficiencies, and optimize spend on cloud resources
  • Visualisation such as diagraming, mapping and grids – ZEN Master’s sophisticated and customizable UI allows users to view channels, grid-based object and resource monitoring, etc.  globally and at scale
  • Zixi RIST Protocol support – Zixi supports the RIST TR-06-1 and proposed TR-06-2 standards with a robust implementation that takes advantage of our long experience and proven protocol stack

“Zixi continues to experience phenomenal customer adoption and growth worldwide,” said Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO, Zixi. “We look forward to meeting with our existing and new customers and partners at IBC to demonstrate the new features and capabilities we have developed for them and find out what other challenges and opportunities they have as the market continues to evolve.”


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