Lawo successfully passed JT-NM Interop Test


Lawo participated in the ultimate test for IP-based equipment, the recently run ‘JT-NM Interop’, organised by VSF, SMPTE, AMWA and EBU, and passed, fulfilling the testing criteria in the categories ST2110 and ST2022-7. All successfully tested systems will now be part of the ‘JT-NM Tested Catalog’, published at IBC in Amsterdam.

The ‘JT-NM Tested’ program offers prospective purchasers of IP-based equipment greater, more documented insight into how vendor equipment aligns with the SMPTE ST-2110 and SMPTE ST-2059 standards. The JT-NM Tested Catalog documents the test procedures, test equipment and results of the JT-NM Tested event that was held during the week of August 19, 2019 at the Riedel HQ facilities in Wuppertal, Germany. This program highlights how vendor equipment conforms to key parts of SMPTE standards, providing prospective purchasers and users with a reference as they begin their equipment evaluation and qualification process.

With its long real-time IP experience in video, audio, control and network monitoring, Lawo contributes comprehensive expertise covering the complete range of solutions for live production environments. Lawo have always been aligned to open standards, be it ST 2022-6/-7 and ST2110 in video, AES3, MADI, RAVENNA or AES67 in audio or Ember+ in control. Lawo strongly believes in these standardized, open approaches in order to come to best possible solutions with a solid and secure long-term perspective for their clients. The company is also a founding member of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), founded to ensure that all video- and audio-over-IP solutions brought to market offer complete interoperability and are based on open standards for seamless integration into media workflow environments.


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