ARRI WVS Software Update Package 4.3.28


The ARRI WVS Software Update Package (SUP) 4.3.28 is shipping with all ARRI Wireless Video System components: integrated HD video transmitters inside ALEXA LF and ALEXA SXT W cameras, Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1, Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1, and Wireless Video Receiver small WVR-1s.

Support for Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1s

WVS SUP 4.3.28 supports the new Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1s. A transmitter with WVS SUP 4.3.26 installed is also compatible with a Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1s but the WVR-1s will prompt the message ‘Please update software’ on the monitoring output. ARRI recommends updating all WVS devices to WVS SUP 4.3.28.

Download here.


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