Dugan wins Cinema Audio Society Award


Dan Dugan Sound Design Inc. has been honoured with an award by the prestigious Cinema Audio Society, earning “Outstanding Product – Production” for the incorporation of Dugan automixing into the Sound Devices 633 Compact Mixer. The award was presented at the 55th CAS Awards on 16 February 2019.

The Cinema Audio Society, formed in 1964, includes members who are mixers for feature films, television and commercials, as well as mixers who specialise in music scoring, video post sweetening, A.D.R. and Foley. Their annual awards recognise achievements in sound for motion pictures and television, and also honour products used for production and post production.

Dugan automixing was first incorporated in a Sound Devices field mixer, the model 688, in 2016 and was implemented in the 633 Mixer/Recorder in 2017. Automixing is offered for up to six audio channels, and was made available at no additional cost to existing users of 633 mixers via a firmware release. (Sound Devices also offers its own automixer, MixAssist™, in the product.)

“I’ve been familiar with Sound Devices products for years and use them myself in my recordings for the Nature Sounds Society,” said Dan Dugan. “These compact mixer/recorder units are extremely useful for people working in the cinema and television industries. I’m deeply honoured that the CAS selected us for this award, especially given the field of outstanding products that were in competition for the honour this year.”

Dan Dugan Sound Design is now in its 51st year of business. Dugan technologies offer the best possible mix of live microphones, providing fast, transparent cross-fades without upcutting, choppy sound or shifts in background noise. Transitions between talkers are smooth and consistent no matter how many mics are open. Systems with a large number of live microphones can be established via linking up to eight Dugan units.

Dugan products are used in broadcast news panels, sports commentary, talk shows, corporate meetings, political debates, distance learning, live theater and other applications. In addition to manufacturing his own products and plug-in cards for other consoles, Dan Dugan licenses his technology to other manufacturers to build in to their products, including Yamaha, Sound Devices, Protech Audio, and Waves.


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