Lion Lager relaunches with digital drama series


Lion Lager took the second screen by storm with the launch of the digital series <em>iLobola Nge Bhubesi</em> as part of the relaunch of the brand and its “Lion is back at R10” campaign.

The limited 5-part drama series which launched on 22 October on the brand’s Facebook page, as well as their Twitter and YouTube platforms, drew to close this past week with the 5th Episode.

To produce the project the brand collaborated with nationally acclaimed production house OSU Productions. Founded by Simoné Bosman, the company is home to some of South Africa’s freshest creative talents who have the unique ability to re-interpret branded narratives and produce stories that are true and relevant to its intended audience.

The series is directed by Tumelo Moropa who’s interpretation of the script was to make the series more than relevant to the intended audience: “I was really excited to be briefed on this project as it really suited my creative abilities to direct performance and also tell an authentic story.”

With a background in Fine Arts, Copywriting, Film editing and music, Moropa says, “I liked working closely with the creative team on this. It helped to collaborate with them to craft the story and also bring out the humour. Bringing in more South African humour into it so that people that watch it can relate to it and see themselves in it.”

The lead character is played by emerging South African actor and musician Bafana Mthembu (26).

“Being a part of this one of a kind and ground-breaking production was really exciting for me. I could relate very much to the character I played because, like him, I’ve been exposed to the custom of iLobola and have seen some of my peers go through a similar journey. This made it easy to tap into the mind state of a man who’s about to undergo this,” says Mthembu.

<em>iLobola Nge Bhubesi</em> is the Lion Lager’s first ever digital drama series now airing on the brand’s Facebook page – Lion Lager SA.

The trailer and full episodes of the series can also be viewed on YouTube.





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