DISCOP Johannesburg 2018: What not to miss


Taking place from 14 to 16 November, DISCOP Johannesburg is the leading content, adaptation rights and project market dedicated to Africa and the Middle East.

As DISCOP Johannesburg approaches, here are some inside tips for getting the best out of the three-day intensive market. As anyone who has attended the event knows, DISCOP is about the business. Meetings, deal-making and networking are the most important elements of the event – especially for independent and smaller production houses.

With a massive focus this year on animation, music rights and synch deals, TV series and Swahili content, as well as the newly launched DISCOP CLUB, opportunities will abound for both sellers and buyers of African content.

The Meeting Service

As a registered delegate of DISCOP, the match-making or meeting service is probably the most powerful tool for anyone attending the market. Especially for producers who may be just entering the market or who operate independently, or for those who are not sure how to get the attention of buyers, the online meeting service is the best way to fill your diary with substantial and meaningful meetings.

DISCOMICS and Animation Highlights

The DISCOMICS Joburg segment, organised by the African Animation Network and DISCOP Markets, will bring comic books, animation and video-gaming talents before international buyers and producers. Twenty creators, graphic artists, game developers and animators have been offered the chance to attend DISCOP and enjoy VIP privileges, including a Producer’s market badge, a meeting pod in the DISCOMICS umbrella, meeting organisation assistance, access to the Next Gen programme, and up to five programmes and projects featured in the DISCOP Club online library for 12 months, among other perks. DISCOMICS will additionally host a talent showcase for key industry players, with the FUPiTOONS Festival also taking place during DISCOP.

Anyone with an interest in animation should also attend the two Next Gen sessions, which will take place on Friday 16 November. At 9am, ‘Wham, Pow, Boom’ will take a closer look at Nigeria’s animation, comic books and gaming industry. Thanks to a growing interest in the country, Nigerian animators are now stepping up to improve the quality and availability of their content. At 5pm, the Africa Animation Network (AAN) will explore the issue of ‘Animation Progeny’.

There will also be an ‘Animation Du Monde’ pitching competition, the grand finale of which takes place on the final day of DISCOP.

Finally, a DISCOP Conversation session will bring together globe-trotting animation experts to discuss the emerging trends and future outlook of animation in ‘The United World of Animation’. Using their own countries as case studies, panellists will paint a vivid picture of the opportunities, pioneering spaces and potential collaborators in this field.

Connecting Women across Africa: The Ladima Foundation

Following from the highly successful ‘Women of Influence’ Panel at DISCOP Zanzibar, the Ladima Foundation will present another similar panel at DISCOP Joburg. These interactive panel discussions bring together women who have achieved a certain level of influence within the industry and challenges them to brainstorm the tangible ways in which this influence can be used to improve the opportunities for women across Africa.

The conversation will also touch on the recently launched A-List – Africa’s largest searchable database of women professionals from across the film, TV and content industries.

Women producers attending DISCOP are encouraged to attend this session.

Swahili Producers and Content Opportunities 

East African and Kiswahili language content producers can take advantage of their own Swahili Pavilion at this year’s DISCOP market, sponsored by AZAM TV. This meeting space will be the home of a Swahili content-focused press conference, and there will also be a panel discussion on Swahili content taking place as part of the Next Gen programme.

These platforms promise to provide significant opportunities for Swahili content buyers and sellers.

Music Producers – Monetise Your Music through Content

DISCOP Johannesburg is not just for TV and content producers; the DISCORE programme will take place on 15 November with a full day of NEXT GEN discussions, focused on the ins and outs of licensing music for content. Film and TV producers are waking up to the importance of music in their productions, and – with DISCOP’s focus on the African content – this means opportunities for musicians, composers and performers.

The legal intricacies of royalties, publishing and synch deals will be covered and the sessions will provide the opportunity for music supervisors to connect with music producers. For anyone in the music industry looking for additional opportunities – these events are a MUST-attend.

Sign up for the DISCOP CLUB

Independent producers attending DISCOP Johannesburg should also take advantage of the innovative new service being offered. DISCOP CLUB is a digital interface specifically designed to support independent producers with small catalogues of content, with projects in development and with works in progress. Signing up and loading your content on the platform will enable year-round, 24/7 access to buyers, with experts on hand via the website to complement and support interactions between buyers and sellers outside of the physical market space.


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