SABC News repositions and rebrands


The South African Broadcasting Corporations (SABC) has announced that SABC News is reimagining and rebranding its programming across its television, radio and online platforms. These  changes are to keep up with the fast evolving broadcast environment and emerging digital opportunities. The broadcaster hopes that this move will position SABC News as a premium source of news in South Africa and the continent.

Starting Monday, 4 June 2018, SABC News audiences were presented with a new image that represents a localised and yet globally apt look and feel. According to the broadcaster, the fresh image accentuates its new philosophy of being an accessible, pan-African and innovative brand whose editorial identity is defined by social consciousness. The new image reflects African-inspired original tapestries, representing the different yet unified cultures; and the artwork features beads and patterns that celebrate being African.

SABC audiences can expect compelling content with Morning Live transforming into a pacey format that sets the tone for the news day. Broadcasting on the SABC News Channel and SABC2, the show will deliver a unique perspective on general news, market issues, politics, sports news, real-time traffic reports and more.

Other programming changes on the SABC News Channel include: The Agenda which will replace Newsroom. Previously called The Midday Report, On Point will focus on the general news of the day, informing viewers on further developments on top stories of the day. This will be followed by SA Today, which will give audiences a window to issues affecting South Africans in all corners of the country. The Prime Time show becomes The Full View; and finally audiences can look forward to The Globe, showcasing the story of the world we live in.

Whilst fulfilling its mandate, the SABC strives to portray South African stories in the context of a maturing democracy through enriching and compelling content that is accessible to all.


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