New entrepreneurship drama series on SABC2

The Onder Die Suiderkruis cast

SABC2’s new drama series Onder Die Suiderkruis tells a story of a number of people thrown together by their quest for money and riches through their entrepreneurial skills. Onder Die Suiderkruis will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 19h00, starting from 12 June 2018.

The entrepreneurial skills in this new drama could be anything from selling hamburgers or koeksisters at the food market to knitting scarves for a fashion boutique, or running an IT business from home to making million dollar deals on the open market, or even simply playing a musical instrument.  This is the background to a very human story of complicated and delicate relationships of love, envy, tension and care.

The series features wholesome families who measure their wealth in the love and care of one another.

Shot in a Stellenbosch setting, the series features some of South Africa’s talented performers including Alyzzander Fourie, Anton Dekker, Michelle Burger and Tinarie van Wyk-Loot.

Meet the Families                             

The Tredoux Family: (Portrayed by Anton Dekker as Andries, Stian Bam as Stephen, Christia Visser as Jane and Michelle Burgers as Trunette)

Andries is the autocratic head of the family, controlling everything and everybody with an iron hand. He is a vice-principal at the local high school, runs a tuck shop and has a permanent stand at the weekly street market.

Trunette is the loyal and obedient wife who slaves away in the kitchen over a hot stove to ensure that her husband Andries has enough stock for the tuck shop and street market.

Stephen grew up in a household involved with school tuckshops and street markets.  Stephen showed from an early age, an intense interest in the family’s endeavours to bring in extra money.  Stephen is the protector of his mother and sister.

Jane is a sulky and moody child. But she is strong-willed and always asks the difficult questions in the household at the same time causing havoc with her impulsive whims.

The Normington Family: (Portrayed by Lee-Ann van Rooi as Mary and Brendan Daniels as Jazz)

Jazz plays the sax in a band that performs night after night in a beach hotel. He is a happy go lucky chap who loves to play poker and is totally absorbed in his music.

Mary is a primary school teacher who believes she has more mature pupils in her Standard 4 class than her husband.  She constantly worries about everything, causing minor tiffs with Jazz.

But under the surface of all the bickering, the Normingtons love and adore one another.

The Smithyman Household: (Portrayed by Tinarie Van Wyk-Loots as Skye and Deon Lotz as Donny).

Donny owns a massive farm in the Karoo where he also has a private diamond mine. His business commitments regularly take him on trips abroad. As a single parent he dotes on his only child, Skye.

Skye is brought up from an early age with private teachers and tutors on the Karoo farm “Granietfontein.” Academically she is lightyears ahead of her peers but that does not guarantee equal emotional development…

Skip Gouws, played by Alyzzander Fourie is Donny’s right-hand man, farm manager and confidante. He is trusted with all the delicate tasks a mega-businessman like Donny Smithyman demands.

Onder Die Suiderkruis is the saga of trials, tribulations and triumphs of three families over a period of many years. 

Catch the show on SABC2, every Tuesday at 19h00, starting on Tuesday, 12 June 2018.


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