The Africa Channel to screen SA-produced animated kids programming

The Magic Cellar

The Africa Channel (TAC), the largest broadcaster and producer of African-themed content in North America, will be airing its first-ever animated kids programming on Saturday, 7 April. The two animated series, produced in South Africa, are Jabu’s Jungle and The Magic Cellar.

In Jabu’s Jungle, kids can follow the adventures of Jabu, an intrepid nine-year-old, and his Magic Talking Drum. Jabu explores the jungle, helping animals in need and meeting plenty of friends who join in the fun– but always on the lookout for naughty Van the Vulture!

The Magic Cellar follows Pula and her friends through their everyday lives as they encounter social issues and moral dilemmas. Mr. Zee offers them guidance or advice in the form of a folk tale illustrating their problem and guiding their thinking processes toward a solution. In the end, they are able to draw their own conclusions on how to approach their problems and find resolutions.

Karen Juve, TAC’s VP Programming & Acquisitions, said, “Kids have few choices when it comes to multicultural shows. We aim to help fill that void with our Saturday morning programming block so that kids of color can wake up each weekend to a reflection of themselves on morning television.”

TAC viewers will also be treated to the return of live-action series Siyaya – Come Wild with Us. The series offers a fast-paced youthful adventure through some of South Africa’s most fascinating national parks, where up-close wildlife encounters endear the kids to the importance of conservation.


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