Love, marriage and everything in-between in the new drama, Unmarried


Unmarried is a fun, fresh and sexy new drama about the lives of three young female friends living in Johannesburg, as they deal with the pressures of juggling marriage, motherhood, relationships, and their careers. The drama revolves around three different women who represent a diverse cross-section of South African life, from the township to the suburbs, to the high-end apartment lifestyle of the “super blessed”.

Set in the City of Gold, we get to know three completely different women brought together by their friendship. Brenda, played by Renate Stuurman is the perfect definition of #relationshipgoals with her husband of nearly ten years. She boasts a fierce corporate career at a highly fashionable private bank, where she’s quickly rising in the ranks, despite the fact that she is one of the few women in senior management.  While, one of her closest friends Lesego, played by Keke Mphuti is the hottest in the group, she’s used her looks to get what she wants. Thembi, played by Thembisa Mdoda happens to be the only one of the three with children. Having fallen pregnant at 17 by her childhood sweetheart Bongani played by Nyaniso Dzedze.

Director of M-Net’s Local Entertainment Channels,  Reneilwe Sema affirms, “Unmarried is about friendship, love, and relationships, and how those three simple elements of everyday life can get awfully entangled! The show also touches on the pressures of coming of age for young South Africans and societal expectations they face.”

The Cast of Unmarried:

Renate Stuurman (Brenda)

At 33 Dikeledi, who was born and raised in Soweto seems to have it all. The life that every young woman dreams of. Raised from a nuclear family, she grew up with a sense of security and her ambitions were natured from a young age.

Keke Mphuti (Lesego)

A go-getter of note, who never lets anything get her down until she came into her own as a young woman and discovered that she was not like any of the other girls – but a beauty to be regaled.

Thembisa Mdoda (Thembi)

Thembi was always the star of the trio, the prettiest girl in school and the brightest one in class. She lives with her high school sweetheart Bongani.

Nyaniso Dzedze (Bongani)

A township guy who knows that his role is to provide for his family. He is Thembi’s live-in partner and the father of her two children. He is a good man; some say he is a unicorn, as men like him no longer exist.

Fezile Makhanya (Donald)

Donald is the quintessential entitled man, who believes that he can have whatever he wants. He is defined by his masculinity, which struggles to adjust to his wife Branda’s success.

Stevel Marc (Vuyo)

Believes he is God’s gift to the female species. He is as charming, as he is arrogant and he knows how to use that to his advantage.

Unmarried will be on 1Magic channel 103 starting Friday, 2 February 2018 at 19h30.



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