GINX TV expands Esports channel to SA


Announced recently, GINX Esports TV has partnered with DStv, a television service in Sub-Saharan Africa, in order to bring esports entertainment to the mainstream.

Founded in August of 2008, GINX has become an international broadcaster of all things esports, currently producing numerous related programmes in the UK, and a number of other territories.

As the market grows, more companies are allowing themselves to take a shot at gaming on a much larger scale. Content which was once brushed off by the major providers is now incredibly sought after for exclusive business deals. This is evident by the large volume of investment from both ITV and Sky.

In July, the service will make two Call of Duty World League competitions and the Overwatch Apex Final available to subscribers, amongst other programming. Fans located in South Africa and the Sub-Sahara will now have better access to news, breakdowns, and live tournaments via the satellite package.

Source: Dexerto


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