ABonAir offers budget solution for wireless microwave transmission


With the newBroadcast Solutions AB405TM system, ABonAir now offers a budget solution for wireless microwave transmission to the broadcasting industry. With this new system Broadcast Products makes premium wireless microwave transmission technology now affordable to all, offering professional quality and robustness at an affordable budget for distances up to 750 metres.

ABonAir’s AB405™ wireless video system enables camera teams to wirelessly transmit video directly from cameras to media centres or OB Vans. Designed for ENG teams, and for video assist where link stability cannot be compromised and picture quality must be high. The AB405™ system is also optimised for basic sport coverage in universities and high school.

Built on a bi-directional radio channel between transmitter and receiver, ABonAir’s systems acknowledge the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, thus providing exceptionally robust and reliable transmission.

The AB405™ enables video transmission of up to 750 metres (2500 feet) while utilising full MIMO radio employing two antennas at the transmitter and receiver to enhance performance and ensure coverage even in extreme radio signal environments.

AB405TM technical advantages:
– Wide coverage distance up to 750 metres
– Robust and uninterrupted signal and coverage with bi-directional radio with per pixel acknowledgement
– Frequency selection knob
– LCD display
– Automatic setup for quick and easy installation
– Superior coverage utilising MIMO OFDM Radio
– Broadcast level high-picture quality (+52dB PSNR): with new revolutionary H.264 CODEC technology
– Full resolution supports to 1080p (up to 60 fps), 1080i, 720p, NTSC, PAL
– 40 msec delay for live event coverage and real time video assist
– Unlicensed frequency

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