Pretoria joins the 4DX revolution


Due to overwhelming public demand, Nu Metro can now confirm that Gauteng’s second 4DX cinema will open its doors to public at Nu Metro Menlyn Park in Pretoria from Friday, 10 February 2017.

Nu Metro is the first and only cinema group to premier the revolutionary 4DX cinema format in Africa. This new cinema experience at Menlyn Park marks the 4th 4DX cinema for South Africa – following the success of 4DX at Nu Metro V&A Waterfront (Cape Town), The Pavilion (Durban) and Hyde Park (Johannesburg).

4DX pushes the limits of cinema to its ultimate pinnacle. The 3D visuals on-screen, along with Dolby 7.1 surround sound, are enhanced to the max with effects targeted to submerge the viewer in a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience – including wind, water, scents, moving seats, lightning effects and lots more. 4DX transports the viewer to get as close to experiencing the action on-screen as you can get!

“We are very excited to introduce Pretoria to the phenomenon that is 4DX. Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg have been truly enjoying and supporting this exclusive cinema experience en masse – which takes moviegoers to the next level with a mind-blowing cinema outing at the movies,’ explains Nitesh Matai, Nu Metro Cinemas managing executive.

“4DX delivers a fully immersive experience like nothing seen, heard, felt or even smelt before. The new 4DX cinemas involve all five senses for consumers to enjoy an entertainment destination without comparison. Most of the world’s leading filmmakers and the major film studios now work in conjunction with 4DX to convert movies to this format, in sync with the film’s action and general ambience. Nu Metro is the first to show South Africans all the latest blockbusters in this revolutionary new format.’ states Matai.

The films screened in 4DX are projected in HD/2D and Digital 3D on a silver curved wall-to-wall screen. Its audio system is the upgraded Dolby CP750 with 7.1 full surround sound. The Barco projector used in the cinema also uses an enhanced lamp for brighter picture in both 2D and 3D.

“We had to install a complete new steel floor structure in the 4DX cinema to be able to handle the 0.3G-force the unit moves with; as well as water, air and scent lines. The complete system uses 24 computers (1 in each of the 21 seats, motion PC, monitor PC and screen server). The “force’ utilises Servo motors and transducers, and not hydraulics, making the movement much smoother and more active. Following Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg – Pretoria is now also in for a total new way of watching movies,’ explains Johan van Staden, Nu Metro Cinemas head of Technical.


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