Sky and Cisco launch streaming OTT platform


A streaming OTT TV service named OnPrime TV and operated by Sky UK Ltd and Cisco Systems Inc, with its content aggregated by MTG, was launched at the beginning of December 2016.

According to the Ukrainian broadcaster 1+1, which has secured carriage for its international channel on the platform, OnPrime TV offers a variety of paid and free services, featuring packages from different countries and in different languages.

Broandband TV News reported that at the moment, the service is only available on Apple devices, but support for Android TV, TV Box and Roku is coming soon.

Although OnPrime TV can currently only be received in the UK and Germany, it will in due course be rolled out to other countries.

OnPrime TV will eventually offer a total of six channel packages – Arabic, South Asian, Russian, Star and News, with 1+1 International being located in the Russian one, which also includes eight Russian channels, among them CTC International, Peretz, TV1000 Russian Kino and Channel One Russia.

The trademark information for OnPrime TV is “audio and video broadcasting services, broadcasting audio and video content over global computer networks, video-on-demand transmission services, pay-per-view video and audio transmission services.’

Source: Broadband TV News


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