Local production company wins big at Discop Johannesburg 2016


Production company TH Films recently took part in a global pitch competition with Digital Lab Africa (DLA) which took place at DISCOP Johannesburg 2016.

Over 500 applicants from 30 different countries submitted their projects, and out of these just 15 finalists were chosen to take part in a grueling final pitching round.

TH Films’ John DeVries (director/writer) and Greg Kriek (producer/actor), flew the SA flag high with their pitch for a new action packed TV series merged with an innovative new narrative platform that could change the way we view digital content. On Friday, 4 November, it was announced that they won the top award in the transmedia category. This means that they get to partner with some of the world’s most respected content producers and distributers and join them in France for an incubation period. During that time they’ll be working with the very best in the industry as they further develop the project to a point where it’s market ready. This could mean a big leap forward for not only TH Films but for the South African film/TV industry as a whole.

For more information visit the TH Films website.


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