Iroko launches new multiplatform network for digital content creators


African digital entertainment company Iroko is launching IrokoX, a Multi-Platform Network (MPN) designed specifically to assist Africa’s gifted digital content creators. IrokoX positions itself as a full-service, cross-media MPN, with the aim to become the go-to platform for the continent’s digital content creators, providing them with a framework that will enable them to easily produce, distribute and monetise new and original short-form (three to five minute) content.

Oluchi Enuha, IrokoX general manager, says: “The seed for the idea started when Iroko founder and CEO Jason Njoku and I visited Base 79 in London last year and sat down with the CEO. At some point the conversation turned to Africa and the lack of MCN (Multi-Channel Network) representation mainly due to a lack of information surrounding talent and creator potential. I didn’t know it at the time but Jason probably left that meeting thinking this is something we are responsible for and here we are a year later.”

Using the company’s in-house production, editing and distribution expertise the IrokoX team will provide selected content creators with a suite of complementing services. Service provided will include content production and promotion, programming and branded sponsorship campaigns to connect brands with powerful influencers across all entertainment industries, existing media channel management and global content distribution.

With an aim to become the largest Africa-focused influencer network, IrokoX will continue to be a music and content distribution platform for established producers, as well as become a standalone division of the Lagos-headquartered content distributor, studio and broadcaster.

“Creation. distribution. monetisation; this is what IrokoX is setting out to provide for our continent’s creative pioneers, in order to capture and lead the fast-paced social media and online video market for the continent. Africa is brimming with creative talent, much of which is stifled by poor access to production facilities, or poor understanding of how to monetise content. With IrokoX’s considerable expertise in these areas, we are ideally positioned to support and develop thousands of amazing African and Africa-inspired content creators,” says Enuha.

Original content creators and social media personalities can apply via the IrokoX website to join the network. They will maintain 80 per cent of their revenue after joining and IrokoX guarantees making them more money than they have previously made themselves. Musicians, for example, can submit their MP3 or WAV files and the IrokoX team will distribute their content to suitable platforms that can monetise it on their behalf. “There are many more ways in which we organise, facilitate, cross-promote and monetise the African digital media industry and we are always open to exploring new ways to achieve our goals with our creative partners,” comments Enuha. “We are now on the search for creative and influential personalities across all social media channels, who want to share their passions and talents online and scale their video views to an audience in its millions.”

“Iroko hopes to build a truly pan-African and Diaspora community of remarkable content creators, with IrokoX. We know that there’s an absolute ton of hyper-talented artists, content creators, entertainers out there, who are looking to bring their content to a wider audience, and to monetise it, but they need a partner who understands their needs, their audience and the wider market. We are ideally positioned to develop this community and put African content on global platforms,” Enuha concludes.

IrokoX will operate from offices in Lagos, London and New York, and is now currently accepting applications.

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