Dejero unveils new mobile connectivity solution


Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, recently announced a new mobile connectivity solution called LIVE+ Gateway. This solution provides fast, reliable, and secure access to the public Internet and private networks while operating in remote locations.

LIVE+ Gateway leverages its patented network bonding technologies to solve the challenge of reliable Internet and private network access while in the field. Dejero’s unique technology bonds multiple IP paths including cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite to create a virtual network with the necessary bandwidth and reliability to enable bi-directional data transfers from newsroom and production systems. The new mobile connectivity system offers five times the throughput of existing solutions.

The LIVE+ Gateway solution includes in-vehicle equipment, cellular and satellite connectivity services, and Dejero’s renowned LIVE+ Control cloud management system. Easy to install, connect, and manage, LIVE+ Gateway enables field crews to research stories online, access media assets back at the broadcast facility, and quickly transfer files – simplifying production workflows and increasing productivity.

“LIVE+ Gateway represents a revolution in remote and mobile connectivity, that opens up many new possibilities for production crews working in the field,’ said Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero. “Crews are able to access newsroom and production systems including archived media assets, edit their own stories in the field, and quickly transfer complete packages back to the broadcast facility. In effect, we are extending a broadcaster’s databases and enterprise services to their employees working remotely.’

Since 2008, Dejero has introduced the broadcast industry to many connectivity solutions to enable live broadcasting of HD video over bonded IP networks. The evolution of that technology now enables high-speed public Internet access and secure communication with private networks. A simple browser interface allows engineers to monitor and remotely configure the in-vehicle equipment via a cloud management system. Dejero also provides connectivity services that simplify the management of the bonded network.

“We designed LIVE+ Gateway as an open system,’ Cram added. “With fast and reliable connectivity, we see a great opportunity for partnerships and collaborations to create integrated solutions and applications with other leaders in the broadcast and media space.’

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