Argosy brings KVM-over-IP to IBC 2016


Argosy, a leading international supplier of HD active and passive studio infrastructure products, has partnered with ATEN; specialists in the connectivity and management solutions to bring KVM-over-IP to IBC 2016.

The keyboard, video and mouse solutions (KVM) offer broadcasters a more efficient way of working by providing instant access to a matrix of PCs from virtually any and every location within a facility.

ATEN transmitters attach to multiple PC systems located in a broadcast facility’s rack room, or datacentre, with the ATEN receiver boxes connected to single or multiple monitors situated at any workstation across a facility, including those in the production studios, edit suites and sound booths. This setup allows users shared access and control via IP from any workstation they are using.

“KVM-over-IP has been readily adopted in the world of AV and has proven to enhance workflow efficiency and achieve a more coherent environment,’ said Daniel Hinton, B&C Region Manager, Argosy.

“In adding ATEN’s KVM-over-IP to our portfolio, we are responding to the increased use in software-controlled systems where broadcast desks are being overloaded with multiple computer terminals,’ explains Chris Smeeton, Business Unit Director at Argosy. “By controlling all those systems with a single keyboard and mouse, and grouping screens onto video walls, operational areas can be kept clear and uncluttered, leading to greater reliability, efficiency and clarity.’

Argosy will also be showing a range of fibre products, HD video and audio cables, connectors, racks and hardware, and equipment geared towards broadcasters that are migrating from traditional architectures towards software-defined networks and IP connectivity, including a 4K extension using Blackmagic hardware and a custom build Argosy cable.

For more information visit the Argosy website.

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