Aaton Digital presents CantarX3 at IBC 2016


Aaton Digital will present the complete CantarX3 digital sound recorder package at IBC, to be held in Amsterdam between 9 and 13 September 2016, including the new Cantarem2. The CantarX3 is recognised by the sound community as an exceptional digital 24 track location sound recorder.

The CantarX3, packed with an impressive array of professional and innovative features, has already made a huge impact on the sound recording sector for cinematography, broadcast, drama, and orchestral work. Many early adopters were users of previous CantarX recorders, but the wider market is now recognising the true potential of this outstanding design, a flexible tool for those who need to record professional audio for years to come.

With such optimised ergonomics and a bright and comprehensive display, the CantarX3 is extremely robust and can go on working in extreme conditions of heat and cold, recently being used on location high on Mount Everest.

The CantarX3, among other unique features, can self-generate PDF and CSV Sound Reports, with ALE files embedded within deliverable media. New firmware and software updates are issued from time to time bringing new features, some from the design team and some via feedback and requests from users in the field.

The Cantarem2 is a USB quick add-on extension mixer panel to extend the control capabilities of the CantarX3. With 12 full travel 100mm linear faders, 12 solo buttons, two shift buttons and four assignable buttons it offers the production sound mixer many options.

New CantarX3 accessories continue to appear to enhance operation for users. New Low and High Pot Knobs are now available in 13 colours. Also, the new generation of sliders pad with a soft top, compatible with CantarX3 and Cantarem2.

Tim White, sound recordist said, “It was a really easy transition as I have been using Cantars as my main recorders for nearly eight years. The X3 has many similarities but the number of tracks and that lovely display are game changers. I love working with the X3 and looking forward to pairing it with the new Cantarem2.”

Greg Burgmann, sound engineer said, “I’m very happy for you all at Aaton-Digital, that you have the opportunity to express yourselves in a product that has integrated the thorough understanding of what is required by sound recordists, with such brilliant engineering.”

CantarX3 received several awards as the 2014 IABM Award, the 2014 Cinec Award, also nominated at the CAS Awards 2015, Resolution Award 2016.

For CantarX3 specifications visit the Aaton website.

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