Cartoon Network and Urban Brew Studios launch new African localised series


The leading kids channel on the African continent, Cartoon Network (DStv channel 301), has announced that they have teamed up with one of Africa’s leading content creators, Urban Brew Studios, to launch an innovative, locally produced series of short inserts called Pop Up Party, aimed at entertaining audiences on the African continent.

“This is the first time that Cartoon Network has teamed up with an African production company to produce something original and exclusive for its African audiences, full of local flavour, whilst still being true to the Cartoon Network brand and style,’ says Pierre Branco, VP and managing director of Turner Africa. “The final product is not only fun, but also surprising, and that is exactly what Cartoon Network’s Pop Up Party is all about. With a proudly African edge, not only is the show taking place in South Africa, but it is mainly centred on dance, which Cartoon Network believes appeals to our African audience and their culture.’

Africa is a continent synonymous for its rich rhythmic music and dance culture; hence the new short inserts will follow a young crew of local dancers as they ‘pop up’ and infiltrate unexpected locations to create a vibrant, unique and fun Pop Up Party. “We chose a group of kids that are all the same age as our core target market and from the unique and diverse African cultures to appeal to our viewers. They bring various personalities and different elements to the show, but one thing is for certain, they all are incredibly talented.’

The crew are currently all students from the Michelle Oppenshaw Dance Studio. Oppenshaw, one of South Africa’s well-known dancers, is best known for her work in the Hollywood movie Honey 3, Strictly Come Dancing the South African version, and being the choreographer and a dancer in Mi Casa’s Turn You On music video.

The African-flavoured dance party has been shot in South Africa, but for any future series of the show, Cartoon Network will investigate the possibility of popping up in other African countries. The unexpected locations for the first season were predominantly places where kids would never be found dancing.

Over the last couple of years, the internet has seen many viral dance fads that have taken the internet by storm and got the world moving, but this will be the first time that a show like this will be shown on Cartoon Network. African audiences can look forward to surprise, intrigue and lots of fun with this brand new local production. “The show will definitely take our African audiences by surprise, make them smile and appeal to them through the universal language of dance,’ says Adelaide Joshua-Hill, head of unscripted productions at Urban Brew Studios.

With lots of excitement ahead of the launch in July, audiences will be able to follow this African-flavoured dance party by logging on to Cartoon Network’s Pop Up Party webpage, where viewers can send in their own dancing videos and learn some of the signature moves from the series. Viewers will be encouraged to upload their videos and the best dancers will get some screen time on Cartoon Network.

The brand new series kicks off on 23 July 2016 on Cartoon Network (DStv channel 301) at 16h30 CAT.


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