Ster-Kinekor to equip all cinemas with XL2 Acoustic Analyser


Ster-Kinekor, South African cinema exhibitor, develops and maintains 57 high-quality cinema multiplexes throughout the country. For an optimised sound performance, its in-house service teams rely on the XL2 Acoustic Analyser.

The XL2 Analyser offers the dedicated measurement tools for cinema installations. Ster-Kinekor selected the handheld XL2 for its cinema performance tests and periodic verification’s. The acoustic frequency spectrum of each surround sound channel is measured and compared with the specified X-Curve tolerance band. The LFE-channel is tested in the same manner for sufficient performance. This confirms the cinema setup to the standard in less than an hour per cinema. The Ster-Kinekor service team also checks the sound insulation between neighbouring cinemas with the same instrument, ensuring independent movie performances.

Equipping all Service Teams with XL2 Acoustic Analyser
The head of the technical department at Ster-Kinekor, N’Re Du Toit, highlighted “We started using the NTi Audio XL2 back in 2012. At first we only bought one, as a trial, and quickly realised the extreme accuracy over our older instruments. We then bought another six, and now another three measurement kits. I’m scheduling to equip my whole team with XL2s in the next few months. We’ve managed to lift the quality of our sound using these units.’ Furthermore, the XL2 Analyser is utilised to check the polarity of all installed speakers and troubleshooting of cross-over issues. With all these possibilities, the XL2 provides an all-in-one solution for Ster-Kinekor, saving the company both on-site time and money.

XL2 offers professional Cinema Calibration Solutions
The X-Curve is defined in the standards ISO 2969 and SMPTE 202M and offered in the base package of the XL2 Acoustic Analyser. The Spectral Limits Option extends the instrument with the individual X-Curve tolerance based on the cinema size for fast pass/fail decisions. The Cinema Assistant Option completes the package to make the XL2 into a professional cinema meter for calibration and annual verification of cinema installations.

For more about the XL2 Cinema Meter visit the NTi Audio website.

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