ZIFF 2016 launches crowd-funding initiative


The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is one of the highlights of the island nation’s cultural calendar with thousands of people attending every year. Films, filmmakers, film enthusiasts and tourists all flock to the nine-day event that celebrates music, the arts and the spirit of the island itself.

Every year ZIFF hosts a range of international filmmakers from across Africa and all over the world. Filmmakers take part in multiple workshops, discussions and interactions with other industry players, aspiring filmmakers, and film fans from Zanzibar and beyond.

ZIFF would like to bring 20 filmmakers to the festival in 2016 and has therefore launched a crowd-funding initiative to make this happen. One of the most important elements of ZIFF is the cultural exchange that takes place with filmmakers from all over the world celebrating, learning, networking and sharing. Now in its 19th year, ZIFF needs support in order to achieve the specific goal of bringing 20 international filmmakers to the festival this year.

ZIFF would like to appeal to anyone willing to actively support ZIFF 2016. The festival’s organisers ask anyone with an interest in film, and particularly African film, to donate to the crowd-funding campaign and to further show their support by sharing the campaign with all their contacts.

To view the campaign video and to donate click here.


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