Facebook launches delivery insights for advertisers


On 24 March 2016 Facebook announced its education materials aimed at helping
advertisers understand how the Facebook ad auction works. Facebook shared more
details on the criteria used to evaluate advertisers’ requests for their ads to be
shown on Facebook and launched Delivery Insights to help advertisers to better
understand the delivery of their ads and provide recommendations that allow them
to quickly take action and improve performance.

“We built our ad system to create as much value as possible for people and
businesses. In the coming months, we’ll also begin introducing new insights in our
ads interfaces to help marketers ensure their ads are shown to the people they
want to reach,” said John Hegeman VP of engineering at Facebook.

Ad auction: Facebook uses what’s called an ad auction that pairs individual ads with
individual people, looking for an appropriate match. Ad auction is designed to
determine the best ad to show to a person at a given point in time. It is built to
maximise the experience for both people and businesses.

Delivery Insights: A new set of insights available in Ads Manager that tells
advertisers how their ads are competing at auction and provides recommendations
on how to make it more competitive. Delivery Insights identifies under-delivering
ad sets, which is a sign that the ad could be tweaked to be more effective at
winning more auctions, and Delivery Insights explains why the under-delivery is
happening and highlights suggestions for specific actions the advertiser can take to
make their ad more competitive at auction.

More information on ad auction and delivery insights can be found here.


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