LAFF collaborates with Cannes Festival and Short Shorts


Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) president Sayed Fouad, has announced that the 5th edition of the festival – taking place from 17 to 23 March in Luxor – will
collaborate with Cannes Film Festival (France) and Short Shorts Film Festival
(Japan) to screen acclaimed short films.

The selection will include short films from the 68th edition of Cannes Film Festival and the 10th edition of Short Shorts Film Festival as part of the first display of collaboration with these two renowned festivals.

In addition to these two presentations, LAFF will host French producer and
lecturer Didier Boujard, who will present a master class focusing on the
characteristics of short films and the ways to communicate with Cannes Festival and its selection standards.

Film director Azza El-Husseiny, LAFF’s executive director, added that Japanese
director Yasu Tanaka of Short Shorts Film Festival will also helm a workshop and
lecture presenting a selected group of shorts from this well-known festival that is considered a platform for Oscar nominated shorts from Asia. Among these films are:
Castillo and Armado (Brazil), Father (Tunisia) and Gold Watch (Sweden).

As part of LAFF’s final preparations, a meeting was held between LAFF’s supreme committee and Helmy Namnam, the Egyptian minister of culture, in order to finalise budgetary details and logistics as part of the ministry of culture’s support of the festival and coordination with the ministries of tourism and youth.


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