Wheatstone teams up with Daysequerra


Wheatstone partnered its audio processing technology with Belar’s FMHD-1
modulation monitor to create a real-time solution for aligning HD and analogue FM
diversity delay. They’ve teamed up its audio processing line and automation control
interface (ACI) with DaySequerra’s M4.2 TimeLock™ HD Radio receiver to eliminate
delay errors between digital and analogue signals on the fringes of HD Radio

ACI is the network-centric control protocol built into Wheatstone audio processors,
including its new FM-55 and AirAura spectral audio processors. This feature enables
processor parameters to be controlled by other, non-Wheatstone equipment via an
Ethernet network within the radio station itself, or from anywhere in the world.

To remove time delay-related blend errors between digital and analogue signals in
HD Radio fringe areas, Wheatstone’s ACI protocol application works in concert with
DaySequerra’s M4.2 TimeLock HD radio receiver to maintain FM/HD time alignment.

The M4.2 continuously measures FM/HD time alignment errors and transmits any
necessary diversity delay corrections back to the Wheatstone on-air processor. The
end result is a consistent HD blend between analogue and HD whenever HD Radio
coverage is less than robust.

By combining the Wheatstone processor’s ACI protocol and its diversity delay
feature with the measurement capability of the M4.2, broadcasters no longer need
to run their program audio through another device in the air chain just to maintain
precision HD time alignment.


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