Film Riot reviews the Helix Jr and looks at lav vs shotgun microphones


A camera stabiliser is used by filmmakers and cinematographers to position a camera in such a way that unwanted movements are evened out and shaky video footage is prevented. Film Riot’s Ryan Conolly takes a look at the Letus Helix Jr camera stabiliser. Light and user friendly, the Helix Jr is able to fall into “low mode’ to allow for low tracking shots. Though it provides a smooth image with slow steady walking, Connolly demonstrates how some vibrations are noticeable when the pace increases.

Lav mics are attached to film subjects, allowing filmmakers to capture sound as they move in a shot. However they are omnidirectional and can pick up on small environmental sounds. Shotgun mics are more directional, which combats this problem. So which one works best for your production? Conolly puts the two to the test.

Watch the full review:

Source: Film Riot


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