Visible Spectrum Award winners announced


The South African Society of Cinematographers (SASC) Visible Spectrum Awards
took place on 21 November 2015, rewarding South Africans for outstanding
cinematography. The Best Student, Technician of the Year, SASC Productions and
Alternative, Short Film, and Actuality Awards are all Certificate Awards while the rest of the categories have Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.

In the case of more than one Gold, the person with the highest points scored is the
winner of the Visible Spectrum Award trophy. Lance Gewer won with the highest points and the highest Gold awards, hence he is the winner of the Visible Spectrum Award (with a total of four golds).

Full list of winners:

Best Student Award Certificate
Brendan Wasserman – Strife
Sponsors: The Camera Platform, Tink Minster

Technician of the Year Certificate
Malcolm Stone (Gaffer)
Sponsors: Cine Photo Tools, Lauren Badenhorst

SASO Productions Certificate
Adi Visser – Steadycam on Guinness
Tom Frater – Steadycam on Kite
Wayne de Lange – Water camera on Die Pro
Sponsor: Stark Films

Alternative, Short Film and Actuality
Gold: Zenn van Zyl – Nantes
Silver: Andre Coetzee and Leslie van Wyk – Lilith – Genesis One
Silver: Peter Tischhauser – Broken Monsters
Bronze: Warrick Mc CLeod – Elven Sky
Sponsors: Cross Kine, Morne Lane

Music Video
VSA Gold: Roscoe Vercueil – Parlotones – Sleepwalker
Gold: Tim Drabant – Bigianto
Silver: Robo Wilson – Van Coke – Chaos
Silver: Brendan Barnes – Satellite
Sponsored by: DU Film Productions, Anne-Linde du Toit

Corporate Documentary
Silver: Wayne de Lange – Saving Aslam
Silver: Wayne de Lange – Still Running
Bronze: Charles Meadows – Siemens
Bronze: Anna Telford – Siemens
Sponsored by: SAPA, Pieter Potgieter

Bronze: Richard Finn Gregory – The Boers at the End of the World

Bronze: Charl Fraser (SASC) – Story of African Film
Bronze: Riley Grunewald – The Shore Break
Sponsored by: Puma Video, Henk Germishuysen

Wildlife Documentary
Aquavision Peter Lamberti (SASC) – VSA Gold; three Gold: Shark Alley;
three Silver: Brothers in Blood; four Silver: Hippo
; three Silver: Cheetah Race to Rule
Sponsored by: Visual Impact, Goran Music

TV Drama /Comedy
Silver: Jonathan de la Querra – End Game Ep3
Silver: Hans Khule (SASC) – Terug na Egipte
Silver: Tom Marais (SASC) – Sterlopers
Sponsors: KykNet, Karen Meiring

Commercial Corporate
VSA Gold: Velocity Paul Gilpen (SASC), Peter Tischhauser, Devin Toselli – Nedbank –
Gold: Timothy Pike (SASC) – Nedbank – No Stone
Silver: Jamie Ramsay (SASC) Liberty – Agile
Silver: Rob Malpage (SASC) – Barclays – Prosper
Silver: Timothy Pike (SASC) – Old Mutual – Wisdom
Sponsors: Panalux, Tony Addy

Commercial Product
VSA Gold: Paul Gilpen (SASC) – Amstel – The Chef
Gold: Paul Gilpen (SASC) – Bells – The Reader
Gold: Eugenio Galli – Smirnoff
Silver: Miles Goodall (SASC) – Black Dog
Sponsors: Panalux, Tony Addy

VSA Gold: Lance Gewer (SASC) – Kite
Gold: Vicci Turpin (SASC) – Four Corners
Gold: Tom Marais (SASC) – iNumber Number
Gold: Willie Nel – Tiger House
Sponsors: Panavision, James Barth

The Stewart Farnell Award
Uwe Beckmann (SASC)
Sponsors: Media Film Services, Neill Horsfall, Neil Du Toit

Special SASC BA Award
Vincent Cox (ASC, SASC, BSC) for his lifelong contribution to the SASC


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