Arkena integrates NexGuard’s watermarking solution


Arkena announced the integration of NexGuard Pre-Release in its Cloud4Media
content management platform. Developed by NexGuard (a Civolution company), Pre-Release is a watermarking solution for the digital forensic tracking of
video assets.

Cloud4Media is a global solution for storage, transcoding and secure content
delivery, powered by Harmony, a workflow orchestration engine dedicated to

The NexGuard Pre-Release solution is based on a File Embedder and Manager. The
NexGuard File Embedder adds a unique, imperceptible video watermark to each
copy of the content. This serial numbering process is fully automated and scalable –
all driven by the central NexGuard Manager server and its secure database of
watermarking data.

As both the volumes of video content exchanged within the ecosystems of right-holders, broadcasters and video-on-demand (VOD) platforms and the devices
through which content is delivered are increasing, there is a need for additional
protection measures. The integration of watermarking solutions enables the full
tracking of assets through their lifecycle.

The watermarking technology adds imperceptible digital markers to video signals
and assets before or after transcoding. These unique and un-erasable labels enable
the tracking of an asset, so that any leaks can be tracked back to their source.

“NexGuard Pre-Release is a solution that will enable our customers to benefit from
a preventative measure against the illegal redistribution of media and additional
protection throughout the content production value-chain. NexGuard Pre-Release is
able to process all the major file formats, including ProRes and IMF,’ says François
Lignon, VP of Product Content Management at Arkena.


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