Sony Pictures Television Networks launches global environmental responsibility campaign


Sony Pictures Television Networks will launch a worldwide campaign across their
channels in 177 countries, engaging viewers in environmental issues, it was
announced on 28 September by Andy Kaplan, president, worldwide networks for
Sony Pictures Television (SPT). The effort, titled Picture This, will
utilise the channels’ storytelling expertise to engage viewers around environmental
issues important to each market. Picture This will then combine these
local efforts into a worldwide voice to bring awareness to everyday efforts that can
help protect our natural resources.

“With the reach of our global networks and the passion of our storytelling, we will
both engage the community and energise people to action by picturing a better
environment,’ said Kaplan. “Collectively we can make noise heard around the
world on behalf of issues that are central to everyone’s well-being and do it in an
entertaining way.’

Picture This will include on-air and online elements, events and viewer
participation opportunities. At launch, some of the topics will include: recycling in
Russia and Italy; eliminating plastic bag use in Asia; waste disposal in India; saving
the rhino in South Africa; urban gardening in Latin America; and deforestation in

Participating channels include: AXN, Sony Channel, Sony One, AXN Black, AXN
White, Sony PIX HD, Sony SIX HD, AXN Sci-Fi, AXN Mystery, Animax, Sony Sci-Fi,
Sony Movie Channel, Canal Sony, Crackle, SET, Sony Turbo, getTV and CineSony.

Picture streets without litter. Picture an urban oasis. Picture a beautiful forest. Picture This.

Watch the Picture This global campaign video here.

More information about Picture This can be found at the global website.


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