DCC now distributing new Philips 4K monitors


Johannesburg based distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), has announced
that it is now distributing the Philips 4K UltraClear UHD displays. With four times
the resolution and four times the detail of a standard HD monitor, these displays
deliver excellence in detail and colour as well as in sharpness for the ultimate in
image quality. Available in a 28-inch model as well as a first of its kind 40-inch
display, the Philips 4K UltraClear UHD displays strives to transform the viewing

“The Philips 4K displays offer a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times
the pixel density of a high definition monitor. This means greater detail on both text
and images, which is ideal for both entertainment and productivity. From streaming
movies and playing games to editing photographs, UHD is perfect for the home
user. In the business space UHD delivers more screen real estate, particularly on
the 40-inch display, which gives users plenty of room for multitasking. In addition,
data intensive spreadsheets can be maximised on screen for more room, and
specialised applications like scientific imaging can benefit from uncompromising
clarity and the ability to view in granular detail. The applications are limitless,’ says
Bruce Byrne, Philips product specialist at DCC.

On top of expansive displays and UHD resolution for enhanced precision viewing,
the monitors offer a wide viewing angle of 176 degrees with optimised pixel
management and very high static contrast rations for crisp, vivid and bright images.
Innovative Philips MultiView display enables active dual connect and view, which
allows users to stream multiple devices side by side for complex multi-tasking
capability. For example, a user can connect their notebook and their television,
allowing them to process spreadsheets while keeping an eye on live stock market
results, or even the news or the latest sporting events. Exclusive Philips
SmartImage technology analyses the content displayed onscreen and optimises
display performance, while a user-friendly interface allows users to select various
display modes based on the application in use. These pre-set configurations
dynamically optimise contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of images and
videos, while economy mode offers significant power saving options.

The Philips 4K monitors also make use of white Light Emitting Diode (LEDs), which
are solid-state devices that light up to full, consistent brightness faster, making for
almost instantaneous start up times. They allow for better dimming control,
resulting in a very high contrast ratio, and deliver superior colour reproduction with
consistent brightness across the screen. LEDs are also free from mercury, making
them more eco-friendly and easier to dispose of safely.

Additional features on the Philips 4K monitors include a pair of high-quality built-in
stereo speakers, a USB 3.0 hub for fast data transfer and easy connectivity to
multiple other connections including VGA, Display Port and a universal HDMI
connector. The displays also feature Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), a mobile
audio/video interface for directly connecting mobile phones and other portable
devices to high-definition displays. With an optional MHL cable, users can connect
MHL-capable devices to the display in seconds for UHD content sharing and
simultaneous device charging.

“The Philips 4K monitors are packed with features and provide the ultimate in ultra
high-definition viewing. Crystal clear viewing, large screen real estate and an
extraordinary image quality bring a range of applications to life, from entertainment
to productivity and everything in between. In addition to features and functionality,
the displays also feature a slim bezel design and a range of mounting options,
making them perfect for the home or office,’ Byrne concludes.


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