Kirusa launches InstaVoice Celeb in partnership with Vodacom DRC


Kirusa, the voice messaging and social media mobile apps in emerging markets,
recently announced the launch of its popular social media service, InstaVoice
CelebTM, in partnership with Vodacom in DRC. The service enables fans to engage
directly with their favourite celebrities through voice messages. InstaVoice Celeb is
available for all Vodacom DRC customers, on both smartphone and feature phones.

From Celeb-to-fans and fans-to-Celeb, InstaVoice Celeb provides a seamless flow of
messages. Using the unique voice micro-blogging feature of InstaVoice, celebrities
express their emotions and share their joyous and challenging moments. Their fans
can hear them, a better option than just seeing their updates on a social networking
site or in a media publication. The voice messages are delivered instantly to fans,
creating a “Voice Twitter’ like experience. InstaVoice Celeb service goes above the
regular social networking platforms by creating a unique “connect’ between
celebrities and fans using multiple channels of interactions, including one-on-one
calls, meetings, merchandising, and events.

InstaVoice Celeb service has attracted many celebrities like Pasteur MarcelloTunasi,
Koffi Olomide, Werrason, Prohete Joel Francis Tatu, Tatu Kadiombo, and Fiston

Speaking at the launch, Olivier Ngyala, senior manager VAS & Business
Development, Vodacom DRC, says, “We are delighted to launch InstaVoice Celeb on
the Kirusa Platform. InstaVoice Celeb is a fascinating way to stay connected with
famous personalities from all walks of life. The service has features that facilitate
two-way interaction between fans and celebrities.’

InstaVoice Celeb service has over 11 million fans and is growing in Africa and Latin


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