AJA debuts Corvid HEVC


AJA Video Systems recently announced Corvid HEVC, a 4K and multi-channel HEVC
encoding card, as the latest addition to AJA’s Developer Programme. Corvid HEVC is a
PCIe 2.0 8-lane video encoder card providing real time, low-latency HEVC encoding
at 4K, 1080p HD and lower resolutions.

Development partners can use AJA’s SDK to integrate Corvid HEVC directly into
their Windows and Linux applications using a flexible API for a variety of use cases.
In addition to HEVC encoding, audio and metadata are also captured and included in
the encoded file.

Key Features:
• Realtime 4K/UHD/HD HEVC hardware-based encoding
• PCIe 2.0 8-lane full-height card
• Low power consumption
• Supports HEVC Main and Main10 profiles
• Supports 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 at 8- or 10-bits
• Supports bit rates for streaming and contribution quality
• Supported HEVC streams:
• Single 4K/UHD stream up to 60 fps
• As many as 4 streams at 1080p HD up to 60 fps
• 4x 3G-SDI inputs
• 1x LTC input
• 16-channel embedded audio support per stream
• ANC data support
• Supports file-to-file encoding
• Built on AJA’s powerful cross-platform NTV2 SDK for Windows and Linux
• AJA’s extensive Developer Program partner support

“Corvid HEVC integrates the latest 4K/UHD workflow technologies developed at AJA
into an incredibly robust PCIe card that our developer partners have been asking
for,’ said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. “For everything from
4K/UHD, to independent, multi-channel or file-to-file encoding, Corvid HEVC
delivers real-time, low-latency, reliable performance under the hood.’


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