Rascular expands manual control power with new integrations


On 7 September 2015, Rascular, a supplier of PC-based multi-device master
control, announced that it has completed significant new third-party integrations,
including with Blackmagic and Barnfind technologies. This brings the company’s use-
defined, on-air control technologies to an expanded user base.

Rascular has integrated its RouteMaster technology with Blackmagic’s cost-effective
hardware router control panels (Blackmagic Smart Control), allowing users of the
panels to control not only Blackmagic routers but any router that RouteMaster can
control, including Barnfind. Barnfind manufactures a signal neutral platform that
offers many functions and supports numerous different signal formats in one frame.

RouteMaster sits between the hardware panels and the router(s). This provides
tremendous flexibility for users who can choose the same familiar hardware
interface to operate routers from multiple manufacturers and because RouteMaster
supports a wide range of protocols, users can upgrade or replace routers without
changing either the control system or the hardware panels.

Ephraim Barrett, sales director at Rascular, said, “Deploying RouteMaster, users can
control an existing router installation from any web browser via computer, tablet
and even mobile phone using Rascular’s web panels. RouteMaster’s support for web-
based control panels, built using standards-compliant HTML5 technologies, allows
custom control panels to be used on any system, providing unrivalled levels of
control flexibility for router installations.’

In addition, the technology that Helm – which provides manual control of playout
systems in a master control environment – supports has also been expanded and
now includes: Utah Scientific routers; enhanced Harmonic Spectrum™ media server
and Spectrum ChannelPort™ support; RouteMaster native support; enhanced
Imagestore 750 integration and; Kramer Router support.

Barrett added, “Today’s playout operations use specialised equipment from a
variety of broadcast manufacturers. Operations staff are used to automated control
of these devices. But manual control is also essential and that’s a different
challenge. Operators are forced to use multiple control surfaces making manual
control almost impossible, unless equipment is from a single manufacturer.’


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