Hit House introduces sound library geared at trailer industry


Music production company The Hit House has introduced Framework, a sound
library created specifically to fill the needs of the motion picture trailer industry.
The collection includes original hits, rises, whooshes, crashes, booms and bangs. In
addition, there are original field recordings captured by Hit House sound designer,
Chad Hughes, whose work has been featured on the TV show Gotham.

“The Framework project just made sense for us,’ explains Sally House, EP/owner of
The Hit House. “Framework is the next step in our growth. Of course, we know
there is already a world of sound design out there to choose from. That’s why we
wanted to give our clients a unique offering that will help their work stand above
the rest.”

“I enjoy storytelling through the use of sound,’ adds Hughes. “Hundreds of hours of
recording and designing go into the production of a unique library like Framework.
Hearing the various layers and processing the dynamic impact of these sounds
together is always the most rewarding part of the process for me. When
approaching a project like this, I usually have a myriad of ideas about how to
produce a particular sound I’m hearing in my head. For this collection of design, I’m
really proud of how those ideas ended up working so well.’

Visit The Hit House website for more


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