Red Heart Rum repositions with a digital campaign’


In a worthy attempt to appeal to the younger consumer, Red Heart Rum launched
their “60 Days to #LiveWithHeart’ digital campaign.

Launched in August 2014 and running until mid-October, the new campaign –
conceptualised and produced by Cape Town based digital marketing agency
Hellocomputer – draws on the courage it takes to “live with heart’, through real-life
gutsy acts played out by consumers.

Every second day a new challenge is presented on the “Live With Heart’ website –
30 challenges over 60 days –ranging from “Tick something off your bucket list’, to
“Build something from scratch’, and “Dance like no one is watching even though
everyone is’. Participants complete these various tasks and share the
documentation online, through photos or videos, standing a chance to win an array
of prizes and at the same time becoming an integral part of the campaign.

The message of the campaign is simply that if you #LiveWithHeart, Red Heart Rum
salutes you, showing South Africa that it is truly a more fulfilling and rewarding way
of living. Mario Pinto, project manager at Hellocomputer says: “Red Heart Rum’s
new positioning, #LiveWithHeart, speaks to people who live life to the fullest. Those
who give everything a go, never say no, and are always up for a challenge.’

In addition to the brand’s digital and social media platforms, the challenge
broadcasts on 5FM, YFM, Algoa FM and Good Hope FM. Hellocomputer
commissioned the country’s favourite radio DJs to participate in the campaign by
shooting content pieces featuring the DJs participating in an assigned challenge. DJ
Seano from Good Hope FM was asked to “dance like no one’s watching even though
everyone is’, and the result is nothing short of hilarious.

“When we launched our digital campaign, 60 Days to #LiveWithHeart, we wanted to
choose some very genuine, authentic and fun radio DJs to participate, and show
South Africans how to live with heart,’ explains Pinto.

“We followed and filmed DJ Seano as he danced, moonwalked and did the sprinkler
around Cape Town…Cutting this into a short clip, we released it on social media, for
all his fans to enjoy, pushing people to the host of challenges on the website.’

Everyone lives with heart differently, so when Hellocomputer shot the content
piece, there were no specifics in place – no brief, no prescribed look and feel – just
DJ Seano living with heart captured on two handheld 5D cameras, a GoPro and a
lapel mic.

“It had to be bite-sized, slick, ungraded and really make the target market feel like
these challenges are achievable. It’s not about the best camera to #LiveWithHeart,
it’s about the emotion behind it…We wanted to keep it simple, do-able doccie-like
and fast, to catch all the little moments which make great social media content,’
says Pinto.

As the #LiveWithHeart campaign is composed of content pieces rather than adverts,
Hellocomputer kept their production team small and agile – a three-man team to be
precise. Grant Campbell and Dillan Fuller shot the piece and Lawrence Jaeger edited
it in less than a day.

“Good social media content is all about being quick, snappy and not wasting a
moment,’ Pinto concludes.


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