WeShootFood provides culinary expertise to local production companies


WeShootFood is a company which brings together the talent and experience of Cape
Town-based food performance director Rob Payton and Pete Sherlock of Farm Film in
offering local production companies and agencies expertise in lensing all things

“After working predominantly overseas for 18 months, I now felt it was the ideal time
for a fresh new venture in Cape Town, and the team at Farm Film were the perfect
match,’ says Payton.

Payton has over 25 years of experience in the industry, having shot in over 50
countries. Locally he has worked with major brands like Checkers, Cremora and
Steers and internationally he is on the approved list of filmmakers for Unilever,
Carlsberg, Coca Cola Company, Pepsico, Nestle, Kraft and General Mills accounts. In
addition, his knowledge of hi speed cinematography, plate work, CG and filming rigs
has proven to be an invaluable asset.

Payton has also collaborated with celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver, Gino D’Campo, Aldo
Zilli, Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay.

As an exec at Farm Film who carries years of on-set experience with international
directors, Sherlock is able to offer practical cinematic solutions. He has a broad
knowledge of filming in Africa and his love of travel has led to an incredible
knowledge of unique culinary locations on the continent. As he manages his
productions directly, he is also able to ensure a degree of personal attention with
each project.

“The Farm is a hands-on production service company that has delivered with
enthusiasm, imagination and dedication. These attributes mix very easily with Rob’s
practical and contemporary style of shooting all things food so the idea of a
collaboration was a small step and not a huge leap for me’ says Sherlock.
Visit the Farm Film website or Payton’s website for more information.


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